"Right. Umm...hobbies?"

I asked, Annabelle and she pursed her lips into a thin line as she thought before answering.

"Reading, watching television, listening to music," she muttered, her voice sounding uninterested. I sneaked a glance at her and judging by the bored expression on her face, I could see she wasn't enjoying this. Like most people who ever tried to hang out with me, she reacted the same way. I shrugged inside and kept my mouth shut on that subject as I asked her, "Favorite band or singer?"

"Lady GaGa."

I grimaced, trying to hide the distaste on my face but she saw me.

"I'm guessing you don't like her?" She asked.

"She's not very inspiring," I said, rolling my eyes and giving her a smile.

She forced a smile back before continuing to drum her fingers across the surface of the desk. Oh well...then I decided to ask her something, not because I was interested in the answer but because I wanted to liven up the atmposphere; even if it meant her getting annoyed with me. As long as she didn't look like she wanted to fall asleep, I was okay with it.

"Relationship status?"

It had the reaction I expected. She froze and glared at me in suspicion, her eyes narrowing.

"Why do you want to know that?"

I shrugged and smirked at her, then tilted my head, staring back. "Just interested."

A blush crept up her cheeks and the thought of me being the cause of her embarassment made me feel as if I'd accomplished something.

"Single," she whispered.

I grinned and just as I was about to type this, Mr. Stevens shouted, "Switch over!"

The End

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