Strangers, Then Maybe-Partners

The classroom buzzed with excitement this morning as I entered, taking my usual seat at the back and tried to ignore the others around me. My mind was completely focused on Poppy; she hadn't come online yesterday nor the day before. I wondered if she was maybe avoiding me; did she not like me anymore? But that was the least logical reason she could have to do so, maybe she was having problems with her mother. It felt easier for me to believe all the other theories.

Sighing, I slumped down on the chair and closed my eyes, pushing Poppy out of my mind. Today would be the first day of our interschool club sessions. Yesterday, when each of the students had to sign up for a club I'd decided to be part of computer-studies, since it would be the most convenient and least bothersome. Most of the geeks in the class had signed up for it too, so the chances of me getting picked on were very little.

My enthusiasm was at such a low level when I woke up that mom had to literally come to my room and kick me out of bed as I didn't want to go school today. Any moment now the teachers would be calling us over to get onto the school bus. We'd be heading to St. Peter's boarding school where the first interschool club meeting would be held. It's the biggest school out of all the ones involved and I guess that's exactly the reason why we're going there.

"Everyone! Form a line, let's get going now! We don't want to be late, do we?"

I lifted my head from the desktop and was met by the sight of people jumping around in happiness, their lips stretched into wide grins. Groaning to myself, I joined the others as we started walking towards the parking area of the school.

I got on the last bus, which would be the least crowded when we leave. Heading towards the back, I sat down on a seat and waited till the bus lurched to a start before relaxing. No one came and sat down next to me; just like I'd wanted. Popping my earphones on, I flicked through the songs on my iPod and looked out the window, leaning my head against it. The journey would be a long one as St. John's school was all the way into the city and very far away from where St. Peter's boarding school is located.

Closing my eyes, I breathed in slowly and the sound of the music slowly toned out as I lulled my self into pure silence.


"Computer-studies, over here!" I followed the others at a slow pace, taking my earphones off and stood behind the others as a tall man, who was our so called 'counsellor' for the group.

"Welcome to our first meeting!" He said, beaming and I rolled my eyes to myself. How energetic could teachers get? "I'm Mr. Stevens, and I'll be managing this club."

I looked at the man through my narrowed eyes as the sun beat down on me, making me squirm uncomfortably under the heat.

"In this meeting, we'll be introducing ourselves to each other, and then, we'll be learning how to use an application as the first computer practical we do."

I wasn't really listening to the man as he droned on about the club. Eventually, he got us moving and made us follow him and soon enough, we all entered a computer room. The A/C was blast on and was in contrast compared to the heat from outside. Inside the lab, there was about twenty to thirty Mactinosh Desktop computers and everyone gaped in fascination at the brand new machines, ones they probably didn't have in their own school. I moved to a chair nearby and sat down on it, waiting for the next command Mr. Stevens would give us.

"Now, to get to know eachother...."

Basically, the introduction activity he was talking about was very simple and short-lived. In the five minutes he'd set on his timer, all the students were supposed to go around and get to know as many people as they could. I, however, didn't move an inch when the timer began and was more then content when no one seemed to have noticed me as they walked around ther room. But what Mr. Stevens had planned next really got to me.

"Now, I'd like you to partner up with a friend and share a computer with them as we'll be starting our first practical."

Everyone was excited, however I was not. The rest of the students found a partner for themselves quickly and I was left lost, wondering who to ask who would even have the right mind to say 'yes, you can be my partner'. It was strange how just as that thought went through my head, I saw her again; the girl who I'd met in the restaurant. She looked as alarmed as me as her eyes flickered around the room, looking for someone however she hadn't seen me yet and I used that as an advantage to take her by surprise. Approaching her from the back, I tapped her shoulder and asked, "Would you like to be my partner?"

The End

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