Being Drew Alonso

Throughout the rest of the night, I found myself opening up towards Poppy a little more. I told her the truth about my dad and though doing so was against the 'rules' that I'd set for myself, I felt much better than I think I should have. The eagerness to know more about Poppy increased with each second passing by as the conversation I was having with her turned enjoyable.

I wasn't chatting with her by being Cayden Rachet. Instead the words I typed and sent to her through cyberspace were my own; they belonged to Drew Alonso and no one could change that..for now.

The door suddenly opened and I jumped in my seat slightly with the loud creak that broke into the air. For the past three hours, the sound I'd grown used to was the click-clack of my keyboard. So when I turned to look at my mother standing in the doorway, I couldn't help but feel surprised. How come I hadn't heard her car? Had I been that absorbed in the conversation?

"Drew. It's going to be midnight. Have you forgotten that you have school tomorrow?" She asked with a stern look on her face.

"I was just waiting for you to come home and to ask how your date went," I said in a rush, the lies coming easily to me. However, she couldn't see through it like she could most times; maybe because this time I mentioned her date which I almost never show concern towards.

"It went great! I felt so happy to see her after all these years and she brought along a friend who-"

"Let me guess, you like him?"

The blush that spread through my mother's cheeks was enough to confirm the thought and I groaned internally, knowing this would mean more introductions towards pointless people who would mean nothing in my life. But of course, my mom always thought the next man she'd see would be the one.

"Shush now, he's not bad at all. I think he'll be different from the others Drew." She came closer towards me, and I quickly minimized the chat window. She didn't seem to notice. "I care about you a lot and I can understand that-"

"Mom," I interrupted, "really, I know what you're going to say. You've been saying it to me as long as I remember."


"I'm really tired. Can I go to sleep now?"

With a sigh, she nodded and left the room without another word. We'd had this encounter more than a few times and she'd played by her side of the script. It was enough for me now.

I quickly turned to computer screen and noticed that the minimized window was blinking orange. Maximizing it, I read:


Poppy Brant: Cayden, are you there?

Poppy Brant has nudged you.


I typed in reply:


Cayden Rachet: Sorry, it was my mom.

Poppy Brant: She came back from her date?

Cayden Rachet:Yes, and she says it went well much to my disgust. She never puts my feelings into consideration and it annoys me too much these days.

Poppy Brant: I'm sure things will get better. Life can be a jerk but maybe if we think positive, we'll notice there’s something more to it.


I felt my lips pull up into a small smile when I read the words on the screen and the warmth within my chest grew to an alarming size.


Cayden Rachet: Thanks Poppy. You're the best. Have a good night.



The next day, I had to wake up early to go to school. I almost dropped my face into my cereal as my eyes felt droopy. I hadn’t had a good night’s sleep at all; my thoughts had been focused completely on Poppy and whether I’d made a good decision.

I drank about two mugs full of coffee before leaving for school in hope of me feeling less drowsy, and surprisingly it worked. By the time I reached school and entered homeroom, the look of boredom made its way to my face just like it did any other day. But the moment I saw my classmates divided into different groups, I knew it must be another class activity. Sighing to myself, I approached the teacher and said, “What now Mr. Todds?”

“Well we’re making interschool clubs in order to increase social activities between the different academies around the neighborhood. You’re going to be in one. You can choose between a Sports, Literature, Computer or Mathematics Club? Which one do you want to be in?”

I rolled my eyes at Mr. Todds before walking towards my desk and slumping down on it. Interschool clubs? I would rather be alone. 

The End

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