Once More Online

I chewed the end of my ponytail as I waited for the webpage to load. My internet can be so deathly slow sometimes. If it weren’t already almost dead, I’d be tempted to kill the computer.

Finally, the new purple starred background popped up, as did my username, ‘Brantster180’ (believe me, I couldn’t think of anything better), and a little black-framed white box, telling me that I hadn’t posted anything yet.

“Okay, okay.” I muttered. “I’ll start by living up to my little description of being random and rambling more often than not!”

I twiddled my fingers, stretching them out once more over the keyboard, and then proceeded to swiftly type up a comment, the edge of my thumb clattering against the space-bar.

“Hello Twitter-inos! I feel in a very Simpson mood! Most first post, yay!”

Once that was done, I was basically left with nothing else to do- and I wasn’t in the mood to check up on my social networking sites. I chewed my ponytail again. Worriedly, my hair tasted like soy sauce.

“I need a shower.”


Tying my damp not-quite-brown-not-quite-blonde hair into a side-pony, I sat back down and opened Poppy’s Messenger account. A little green dot caught my eye: Cayden was online! I hesitated, thinking. I never used to be this enthusiastic about chatting to people on Messenger.

Finally, biting back my confusion, I clicked open the chat menu, and typed:


Poppy Brant: So...where were we?

Cayden Rachet: Well, we were talking about how great I was! :P Before you abandoned me.

Poppy Brant: I didn’t abandon you! My internet broke down, and then mum had to send me to the shops. :( Why can’t she just do it herself?

Cayden Rachet: I know! My mom is just like that!

Cayden Rachet: The thing is: she thinks she can go out on dates without giving a thought to what I want. And it's frustrating.

Cayden Rachet: Sorry, you probably don't need me banging on about my life, eh? :S

Poppy Brant: That's okay. I have similar problems. No matter what my mother says, she's probably out with a man.

Cayden Rachet: So...your dad not around then?

Poppy Brant: Parents divorced. No biggie. You?

Cayden Rachet: Dad left when I was too young. I don't remember, but he was probably a jerk.

Poppy Brant: ...Life can do that. Life can be a jerk.

Cayden Rachet: Yeah, but at least life makes us living. Otherwise, where else would we be?

Poppy Brant: Well, we'd be... :/


Poppy Brant: Good question...


We were finally having a meaningful conversation! And that was how it continued into the night until I heard my mum heading home.

The End

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