Flashes of Someone Else

I slammed the front door, leaning against it, shocked.

“I’m back, mum, and I’ve brought the Chinese we ordered. You see, it’s not far to walk.”

My mother’s voice drifted down from upstairs. I had the vague feeling that she was getting ready…and not for me.

“Very good, Annabelle. Set it down on the kitchen table.”

I sighed and did as she suggested. A minute later, the sounds of high heels ‘clip-clopped’ down the stairs and there stood my mother, peroxide and sparkling reds.

“Where are you going?” I asked, my voice strained, as I prised open the bag of prawn crackers.

“Just out…to meet somebody, dear. I’m afraid that I won’t be staying for dinner here tonight.”

“But…I can barely eat my own portion of Chinese! How do you expect me to eat two people’s worth?”

“Ta-ra. I’ll see you when I get back.”

The door closed quickly, a soft bang echoing into the dull silence of the kitchen-living room.

“Fine,” I spat, “It’ll give me some time to think.”

And, chewing on a barbeque-flavoured rib, think I did.

I was puzzled and thrown. My mind floated back to the take-away shop. There was that moody boy who I had bumped into at the take-away. My thoughts flit to Cayden- but he had black hair, compared to this boy who had brown hair, and Cayden had higher cheekbones from what I could see of his features in the profile picture.

It would be weird if they were related. Maybe I’ll ask.

“Mmm, Chinese food,” I mumbled to myself, circa Simpson-style.

Perhaps I should get Twitter? I bet the world would love to hear my ramblings…Or Poppy could have an account… I know she’d be accepted online.

Yes, that sounded just the right thing to do. Perhaps I might even get my life back on track that way. Or, I could start again… Something was not right; I kept going round in circles, never satisfied. I couldn’t continue this way, could I?

Throwing away an empty container, but storing the rest of the food in the fridge for my mother or tomorrow, I wandered upstairs.

I had an entire evening alone to myself. There was no option about what I was to do.

The End

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