Poppy Brant is off-line.


I refreshed my messenger window, secretly hoping inside that it was only just my screwed up internet connection. But there was nothing wrong with my modem. Poppy Brant is offline. Maybe she just has a sucky internet connection like me, though that was very unlikely as I have the worst of everything in my life.

Kicking the table in frustration, I could hear a yell from my mother. "What's that Drew?"

"Nothing mom. Just tripped over my shoe," I yelled back, the excuse natural.

Quickly I went to the website where I'd found Poppy. Her profile would note if she's online on the site where I could contact her and ask her what went wrong. That would totally be unlike me as I'm not too desperate for contact with human civilization. But that's the point of all this isn't it?

I quickly typed Poppy Brant into the search box and impatiently waited for her profile to appear. After what felt like ages had passed, it finally did and my eyes went to the top right part of her profile and it read: Last active ten minutes ago. So she really had gone offline.


A mixture of guilt and desperation hit my chest. Why should I care anyways? Let's see, she's the only friend you have in your life and you had fun talking with her. Being someone I'm not!

I kicked my chair again in frustration and this time got more than just a shout from downstairs.

"Alright, I'm coming!"

Trudging down the stairs I ran into my mother in the kitchen who waited for me, hands on her hips. "What's going on Drew?"

"Nothing," I mumbled.

"Good. Go to the restaurant nearby. I'm too worn out today to make any food."

Rolling my eyes, I slipped the cash she gave me into my pocket then putting my sneakers on, made my way outside. The walk was pleasent as the weather outside was perfect but my mind was concentrated on what had happened with Poppy and what was happening with me. Should I stop? Acting like someone else and creating fake identities? Either way, I wouldn't meet whoever I made friends with online so why the trouble of it all? You'll never have friends Drew. Face it.

With a sigh, I opened the door to the restaurant and walked in, bumping hard with a girl who was making her way out. She fell to the ground from the impact of the sudden collision.

"Sorry," I muttered, bending down and helping the girl. Her eyes met mine and a look of curiosity crossed her face as she observed my features. A warmth spread inside me and I felt as if I knew her from somewhere but that feeling washed away when she left the restaurant in a rush. Nevertheless, I was left alone, my posture still crouched on the floor and my eyes unmoving from the ground.

That girl...who was she?

The End

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