'Serious' Conversations

Cayden’s words enticed me. What did he mean by half of them?

As my heart fluttered, so did my hands flutter over the computer keys. I wasn’t really sure what to write, especially if it meant serious conversation.

However, all the time, at the back of my mind, a voice was going ‘stay in character, stay in character’. But it was all natural to me now. I just typed in what I thought a girl like Poppy would have typed. She was that type of respectable party girl…so unlike me.


Poppy Brant: Okay…girls. What would your girlfriend say if she saw you talking to me?

Cayden Rachet: I don’t have a girlfriend.

Poppy Brant: …Awkward.

Cayden Rachet: Yeah, giant awkward turtle.

Poppy Brant: OMG! You do that as well?

Cayden Rachet: Who doesn’t? :P

Poppy Brant: Don’t be so cynical; loads of my year are petrified of THE Turtle.

Poppy Brant: Also, don’t worry about before. Loads of people I know are single and awesome. I’m not in a relationship myself.


Notice I didn't specify men. I don’t want to sound too pushy towards Cayden.


Cayden Rachet: Your school sounds fun.

Poppy Brant: Nah, it’s pretty rubbish. I don’t care about school.


Another big lie. I held my breath.


Cayden Rachet: No, me neither.

Cayden Rachet: At least the sports there are good.

Poppy Brant: -Like before. I prefer to concentrate on music than sports though.

Cayden Rachet: Me too! :D


I flicked through the profile on one of my sites. There was something…not right about it. Was I starting to get a conscience from lying to Cayden? My mouse slid up to the ‘unregister’ button, and, after a silent second of hesitation, I clicked the tick. Goodbye, Rebecca Mastdon, hello me.


‘Cayden Rachet has nudged Poppy Brant’.

Poppy Brant: Sorry, I was busy. In fact, I don’t know how much longer I can stay on.


My conscience was really starting to bug me.


Cayden Rachet: Do you really think I’m awesome? :P

Poppy Brant: Yeah.

‘Poppy Brant is off-line’.

The End

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