The next couple of days after our second Instant Messenger chat passed without any other contact to Cayden. It didn’t help that I was so bogged under with schoolwork that my mother temporarily banned me from the computer. Ha! As if that would put me off doing what I love.

School wasn’t a good place for me. I was that quiet child, pushed away from my friends. Hmm, I guessed my change online was for the better; besides, Cayden and Poppy had got on so well at first, there was no use for me to erase her.

As I drummed my fingers on the desktop table, listening to my mother move pots and pans around in an attempt to make dinner, I was bored. Temptation loomed and I found my fingers pressing the on-switches of the monitor and the CPU.

With a ‘blip’, my Instant Messenger bar popped up, and the personality of Poppy was calling.


Poppy Brant: Cayden, how are you? WHERE are you? I’m bored.


Instant Messenger beeped and the message expanded:

‘Cayden Rachet is not online. IM will be received when Cayden returns online.’

“Come on, Cayden,” I muttered, casting my eyes over his melodramatic, moody display picture, which was the same as his Facebook profile picture.

Now all I had to do was wait.

The End

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