Instant Messages With Cayden

I smiled to myself as I scooted around trying to organise my profile. You’d think that, after all the pretending, I’d be able to quickly adapt to a new style of profile, but that was certainly not the case.

I flicked through pictures of other boys, but my eyes were still drawn to Cayden and the dark, yet mysterious (almost sexy) glare he was giving the camera in one of his pictures.

Bored, I opened my chat window. With only one friend, I had only one person to IM, thank goodness it was someone like Cayden.


Poppy Brant:

Soo… what do you like?


Cayden Rachet:

Like, music?


Poppy Brant:

Yeah, or anything.  Do you play any sports?


Cayden Rachet:

Yeah, sort of. I like to go running on my own. And hockey. You get to hit people with the sticks there.


Poppy Brant:
Yeah, that’s fun. What about music? Do you like…Bullet For My Valentine?


I had no idea why I said them; they certainly were far from the pop-tunes that I listened to- and wrote. My best friend was an emo and she listened to them. I guess it was the first metal-style band I could think of.


Cayden Rachet:

Yeah!!! :P


It was then that I realised that I still had no profile picture. What an outcast I must have been currently looking like: one friend and a weird black head with a question-mark inside it for a profile picture.

I was tempted to find a picture of a model off Google or even one steal a photo of one of the ‘barbies’ from school, but I finally decided on an a greyscale picture from last year. We had taken a few, but there was only one that I could use for an internet site like this:

One where my eyes were hidden behind my straightened fringe (which I’d now cut off), and where my best friend had said I looked older. It was the perfect sort of picture to keep them guessing; I mean, there wasn’t even a light on the shape of my body.

Next, I began searching (once again) for the guy I was stalking. Cayden wasn’t being very talkative, and I had many things to do before I went to sleep. Besides, the quiet ‘type’ of girls are often very alluring.

Once again, the list of men with the same name as my ‘lover’ popped up. I flicked to the fourth page; that was as far as I had got to on the last search, but I knew it would take a while, with fifty pages of related searches. If only I knew a little more about him…

Then I heard the front door slam and my mother return from work. I wiped the history of my server and closed the internet all in one practised sweep of the hand.


Poppy Brant:

Look, I gotta go now. But will you be on tomorrow night too?


Cayden Rachet:

Sure, I’ve got nothing better to do.


Poppy Brant:

See you then. Xxx


And I logged off. I hoped that the three kisses were not too over-the-top, but I needed it for the personality of ‘Poppy’. To play the part, to be an actress, one had to go the full length.

And, after all, I hopefully would be repaid soon.

The End

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