Interesting...Very Interesting

"You have one new message"

Wow, I was certainly getting famous on here. I'd already recieved so many messages from hot girls who were totally not my type. And here was another one. With a sigh, I opened the new message, expecting the words "club", "party, "date" and more 'hottie' type vocab when I noticed, this one was different.

It was from a girl named Poppy Brant. She'd also added me as a friend. I smirked at the fact that this girl seemed to be lonely at the moment. Zero friends till now. I decided to have a little fun and clicked on the accept button, grinning to myself.

Hi, Cayden is it?

I was wondering if we could be friends and get to know each other more. Your profile picture intrigued me and I want to know more about you. D'you mind?


Right as I'd finished reading the message, a little icon popped up on the bottom right side of the page. It was an IM from that girl.

"Hello Cayden. The name's Poppy Brant."

This was going to be interesting...very interesting...

The End

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