I flicked to the two messages that had accumulated in my inbox. There may have only been two, but I only been away from the computer for ten minutes. The reason I liked to leave the messages ‘hanging’ for as long as possible was because it made me feel special. They were waiting for me and only me.

The first mail message was a welcome to the social network site, which was infuriating and boring too, but the next was slightly more interesting as it was from an actual user. And a guy, by the looks of it. This is what he had to say:

Heya shortay,

You is soundin so sexy.

Wanna get some?

Call dis number right:


Riley in da house man!

Ew! This person might be Poppy’s type, but he certainly wasn’t mine.

To be honest, the type of guys I normally fell for were those in the light- you know, the religious types or gorgeous young superstars, and normally they’re inaccessible to me. The other type I would fall for were those in the complete opposite band: the ones in the dark, with jet black hair and piercings in odd places. A couple of my real-life friends (only girls though) were ‘emos’ who read and drew Manga.

The ‘search for friends’ button was looming at the top of my server page. After all, currently ‘Poppy’ had no friends! Not knowing who to add, I closed my eyes and thought of the first letter that came into my head, C, and then the first name that came from that letter, Cayden. Surely, I’d get millions of results?

And yes, there they were: a smart column of all the Caydens on this networking site, complete with their name, age, school, and hometown. I scrolled down the first page and instantly my eyes were drawn to the picture of one Cayden. He was standing against a white wall with his head down. There was almost no light in the picture, but one beam that flowed down from the centre, almost as though it was a spot-light. It illuminated the streak of bright, navy blue in his fringe, and the red lines of blood across his tied-together wrists. It was an over-the-top melodramatic picture, but, strangely inside of me I felt a twinge. It was an attractive picture, there was no doubt about that.

Clicking on his profile, I then chose to add Cayden as my friend, and send him a little message too.

The End

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