Becoming One Of Them

Rebbeca Abstarden is the next Lady of Spring Grove Manor. Her cousion Jasper is the current master of the house. Rebbeca realises everything has changed since Lord Quinlot dies, and how-she wonders-shall she cope?

"Master Jasper." Miss.Colin's voice was stern. "Contain yourself!" Jasper was happily clapping and cheering. Rebbeca sank in her seat, holding her brown bunny teddy close to her. So Jasper was the new Master of the house. Now that her farther was dead, her cousion would take over. Rebbeca's mind drifted, once Miss.Colin, Miss.Francis and Mrs.Wendilene had passed, she would be the Lady Of The House. She smiled a foolish smile, and she would make Lord Wellington-her bunny teddy-the new pet of the house. Miss.Colin wiped her forehead with a hankerchief. Jasper settled in his chair. "Miss.Colin, really true?" He asked sheepisly. Rebbeca's smile faded. He was playing with her. "I mean Rebbeca is Lady Marrione's and Lord Quinlot's daughter...i'm just there nephew.." He teased. Rebbeca's bottom lip wavered. Her red dress flowed beneath the table, and she held back tears. She was 15 now. Nothing was going to make her cry. Even if she still liked Animals and Teddys, she was brave. Miss.Colin reconigsed Jaspers joke. "That is not funny, my lord." She scolded. Jasper put his face into a pout. He grabbed two extra slices of Lemon cake. Stuffing them in his mouth, he pushed away his plate. "Nice meal. Tell the head chef I said good job." He praised. He glanced at Rebbeca with his steel blue eyes before leaving the room. Rebbeca wanted to pout to, but she was to polite for any such nonsense. Miss.Colin would be appauled. Beckys black hair fell in front of her face as she to left the room. Servants, Cleaners and Chefs were busily hurrying around the corridoor, attending to one Lord or Lady or the other. The butler, Sebastian, was letting Miss.Francis and her daughter Abigail into the mansion. Abigal had beautiful long, flowing, curly light blonde hair and always happy storm coloured eyes. She was four years older than Rebbeca, and Rebbeca had decided four times prettier. Miss.Francis gave her coat to Sebastian and primly headed up the stairs, Abigail following. Rebbeca sighed, it wouldn't be long until her tutour, Mr.Lean, came to teach her. She went upstairs to get dressed. She walked silently through the busy, long left wing corridoor. Her sister, Mari, was talking to her fionce, Sir Swade. Mari was five years older than Rebbeca, and had the same medium, straight black hair and blue eyes. Rebbeca passed Mari and Swade without a word. She entered her room and closed the door. Morning light filled the room, the baby pink curtains giving the room a pink tone. Her huge king sized bed was covered in teddys as usual. The piano at the far side of the room neeeded playing, Rebbeca decided. She opened the curtains and changed into her best dress. A red dress with pink bows and stitching at the chest. She wore her Cross necklace as always, and put on a matching hat. She dressed Lord Wellington in a matching pink jumpsuit and a red bow at his ear, and sat down at the piano seat. She placed Lord Wellington onto the bed and began playing. She played a tune she'd made up, and began singing aswell. "Trapped so high in such an awfull tower, i'm awaiting the dreadfull hour, i await a prince to take my hand, or a kind foster who's lovingly grand, i wish upon all there is, to see my most darling shine, to see my lovely valentine. But if i had a wish times two, theres something i wish to do, my mother died when i was young, my farther died for not holding his tounge, i wish to see them both again, so i can live in peace again. Peace again is my second wish. If i had the luck of a star, and had two wishes on a par, i'd know what i'd want right away, so thats all i belive me, Kay?" She sighed as she finished. Kay was her late Brother. He had been five years older than Mari the day he'd died. Just a month ago. Rebbeca stopped playing as her teachers car pulled into the front drive. She sighed and checked how she looked. She played her song to herself as she left.

The End

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