Chapter 3 (soz yet again)

I had decided the next day how I would ‘die’. I would pretend to fall to fall out the window. So there it was, I’d jump out the widow and join the vampires. Everything had happened so fast. I needed to talk to Gavner. I told my parents that I was visiting Izzy and then made my way out of town.

“Ah, you again.”

“Yes, I need to talk to you about something.”

“Yes, what is it? Is it about your family? You are going to have to leave them you know,” he said in such a laid back manner like it wasn’t such a big deal.

“WHAT?! No!”

“You’ll have to leave all human civilization including Family. Didn’t I tell you?”

“No!” I shouted so surprised.

“Oh sorry. My bad,” he said in the same manner.

I was really getting worried now; I didn’t want to leave my family for good!


“We need to talk.”

“Go on.”

“I’ve decided I’m going to fall out the window.”

“Hmmm…so imaginative. But that will do. When will you do this though?”

“I’m planning for it to be in about a week. Just enough time to say goodbye and spend some time together.”

“Good then that’s settled.”

So the week that passed I managed to spend as much time with my family and friends as it was possible. Me and Izzy went shopping all day on Sunday.

But when Monday night finally came round, I was so upset I had to leave my family and friends for good now. I slowly paced up to the window and took a deep breath, braced myself and jumped.


Everyone heard and came rushing out. They were all devastated at what had just happened. My mum ran to call the ambulance, my little brother sat beside me crying and my dad rang everyone he could to see if anyone saw what had happened. None of them had. The ambulance arrived in no time and rushed me to hospital where they did and analysis and concluded that I was dead. I knew all this because I wasn’t dead inside, my soul was still alive.


A week after my ‘death’ we had a funeral for me. Gavner snuck in and claimed he was a teacher from my school. After the funeral and burial, Gavner waited for everyone to leave before he dug me up. He made sure no one was looking, picked me up and started to flit. It had taken us two seconds to reach the old abandoned apartment. He told me that this was where I’d be living. He also explained more about vampires, like the fact that they age at one fifth of the rate of humans. Only one birthday every five years! They are also not afraid of garlic – it can do no harm. They don’t have any fangs either – that was just a myth.


So I guess mu new life as a vampire had now started!

The End

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