Chapter 2 (soz xx)

Every time I looked at the card, it gave me shivers.


The next day at school was a nightmare. I couldn’t concentrate because Izzy kept sending me notes saying that if I didn’t tell her what happened on Saturday then she wouldn’t be my friend anymore. I was really annoyed! I just couldn’t tell her, I would get killed if I did. I didn’t know what to do. Friendship or life? Some people would say friends but not me, I live for me and not any one else.

Sorry I can’t. It’s just a secret xx.’ I wrote.

She forgave me really quickly, though. B y lunch we were laughing and joking around again.


That night I felt as though I needed to see the creepy Gavner again so I snick out of the house and followed the address on the card he gave me.

When I arrived, I was greeted by the same sly grin.

“I’ve bee expecting you,” he said mysteriously. “I needed to talk to you so I contacted you mentally. That is why you felt the need to visit me.”

“A vampire thing, right?” I asked.

“Indeed, amongst many other talents, we are able to communicate mentally.”

“Oh, so why am I here?” I asked quite astonished at all this.

“Ah, yes. I summoned you here because I and the rest of the vampire clan feel you would be a great addition to the family.”

“Me, a vampire?” I hesitated.


“So what can a vampire do exactly?”

“Well, we have extra sharp sense of smell and eyesight, even in the dark. We are stronger and much faster than humans. We can also flit, which is where…”

“Yes, yes. I’ve read about flitting in books,” I interrupted wanting to cut a long story short. (Flitting is when vampires travel at the speed of light, nobody can see us at all.)

“Ah, yes. So would you like to become my vampire’s assistant?”

“Urm…er...sure, why not?” I said.

“Excellent, but for you to become a vampire you must change blood with me. I am a fill vampire but you will only be half,” he explained.

“Sure, okay.”

“Hold up your hands like this.”

He showed me by putting both his hands up. I copied him. He then stuck his extra long finger nails in my fingertips. He did the same with his hands. After the pain had died down a little, it was time to exchange our blood. He held his fingers and lined up the slits. That was when it struck me but there was no turning back now! The pain was horrifying, my blood was being taken out of one hand and vampire blood was being pumped in through the other. My heart could hardly take it all. After a painful few minutes, it was all over. I collapsed in a heap on the floor from all the shock.

“The effects will come slow and less painfully. You will start to become one of us in the next few weeks. Unlike full vampires, you will be able to go out in the daylight. Come back when you have completely changed. The signs will be obvious; your nails will be longer, you can see in the dark and you will be much stronger.”

“Okay,” I said like it was just a little game. But it wasn’t, because I couldn’t change back or anything. I was stuck like this forever.

“Oh and you will have to fake your own death because you can’t live with the humans anymore.”

“Yes sure.” Thoughts were spinning in my head. I couldn’t even live with people now because I wasn’t one of them now. What about Izzy, what would I do about her?

“You can just forget about her. But you must not tell her any of this. And don’t worry, I can read your mind.”

“Can I do that?”

“Sooner or later.”

The End

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