The Third Crow

Emily gasped and took a step back. She could see that midnight was ill and frail. "I thought that the tasks were going to make you stronger, heal you" Midnight chuckled weakly. "There are things i must tell you my dear" The Father of crows heaved in a coughing fit and regained his composure. "But first, You have one final task before you can return home" Midnight stood up and emily's eyes widened. The frail form stood at roughly 7" and had a powerful build. thin black veins surrounded his mouth and eyes wich were jet black. His long black hair was tied back into a braided pony-tail. Midnight grinned at emily's surprise. "you didn't think i stayed a crow all the time did you?" Emily shuddered at the eerie cold that blew across her face as he spoke. "Then let us begin" Midnight made a sweeping hand motion at the bell which began to ring. The bell sang it's loud song that echoed all around the tower and into the darkness. A vast number of crows hurled themselves into the tower and fluttered around emily blocking her view. Emily threw her hands up trying to get them away from her screaming and shouting at them. Their talons pulled at her hair and scratched at her face. Emily was on her knees and screamed for her torment to end. "STOP!" she screamed and the crows vanished in a blast of smoke. Emily lay on the ground breathing rapidly. She stood up and took a look around. she was no longer in the bell tower but standing on a large platform in the middle of darkness. There was no cathedral, no door to go back to. There was only a bridge. Emily couldn't see where it lead to or how far it stretched. All she saw was the darkness. Emil stepped onto the bridge and began to walk at a fast pace. the bridge was made of the same grey stone the cathedral was made of and had an occasional black stone.

Emily looked back and gasped in fear. the bridge was collapsing behind her and quickly moving towards her, chasing her. Emily began to run faster and harder but she couldn't see where she was going. The bridge was still collapsing and gaining speed but the bridge didn't end. A voice echoed out "You must have faith emily, without it the bridge will never end and you will die" Emily began to cry and shook her head. Her lungs were on fire and she wanted to stop so badly but she couldn't. she tried to think of an end just up ahead and that she would make it but then she would hear the bridge falling and worry. Emily shook her head and cried out. Telling herself that she would make it, that the bridge was gonig to end at a platform and a door to take her home would be there. emily held onto this thought and beleived it with all her being. then she tripped. But she didn't fall, She was now sitting on a platform very much like the one she had left. Midnight stood infront of her claping his hands and smiling. "Well done!" Emily sobbed and held her head in her hands wiping her tears. Midnight placed a hand on her shoulder. "You did very well in all three tasks, But the third is not yet finished." Emily picked herself up and shook her head in confusion. "What do you mean?" Midnight frowned. And offered her a hand. "this will take some time to explain, come with me" emily timidly took Midnight's hand and in a burst of light they stood in the night sky of her world.

 Emily stood amazed at the beauty of the stars. Midnight inhaled and sighed. "the world is a beautiful place, full of so many wonders and happiness" A crow landed on midnights hand and midnight kissed it's head. "But there is also darkness." Emily shivere as Midnight continued. "A crow, is the essence of evil, nightmares. A single thought or image of cruelty or a horrific scene is all it takes for me to create a crow." Midnight stroked the crow's head lovingly. "This one, is a nightmare of falling from a cliff, going to a child in the east" Emily frowned. "but i see crows all the time, do they just go inside someones head?" Midnight coughed. "The crows you see in your world are not of my creation." Midnight continued when he saw emily's confusion. "My crows cannot be seen by normal mortals, They are only a thought and have no physical form in the mortal world." Midnight let the crow fly off. "They seek out a person who is afraid of the thought or image they carry if it is a nightmare, or they seek a person who will perform the deed they carry" Emily nodded and Midnight swept his hand and they stood in the cathedral. Midnighttook emily to the pulpit. the pews were now full with crows. Emily saw the two crows that gave her the tasks sitting in the front row. Midnight did not adress them but looked to emily. "Emily, Do not be afraid of this place, we promised to bring you home"  Emily nodded. "so how do i leave?" the crows chuckled but Midnight held up a hand to silence them. " The truth is Emily, you were never meant to return to your mortal home."

 Emily shook her head. "no, i was told i could go home if i helped midnight grow stonger" Midnight smiled and nodded. "Midnight has grown very strong emily, Midnight's powers are at their peak." Emily shrugged " Yeah, so you can take me home!" Midnight shook his head. "You were not brought here on accident, you were chosen to be here on this very day since you were born" The crows nodded and chatered with eachother. "You have grown very strong emily, You have become more determined, Clever and brave then you were before." emily shook her head, tears rolling down her cheeks. "What are you saying?" Midnight wiped her tears with his hand. "It's my time to leave this existance. You are to replace me" Emily shook her head. " No! i don't want this!" Midnight frowned. "you have to emily! you will not leave here, you will be alone and never age" midnight began to cry. " You will stay here for eternity, with nothing but the dust on these walls to be your companion. You must do this and complete your third task" Emily sobbed and shook her head. Midnight pulled out a long silver knife from his habit and placed it in emily's hand. Emily looked at the knife and wiped her tears. "why are you giving me this?" Midnight held emily's face in her hands. "Nos duos partis unus pectus pectoris , Ingravesco quis ego sum vos have perdo ut quod redimio mihi ut vita quod nutritor is ut mihi sic decens midnight." Emily shook her head in bewilderment. "i don't understand" Midnight nodded "We two share one heart, to become what i am you must lose that wich binds me to life, and feed it to me" Midnight kissed emily's head. "thus becoming midnight" Emily closed her eyes and stepped back.

 "you want me to cut out my heart!" Midnight frowned and nodded. "it's the only way emily, i'm sorry" Emily shook her head and ran down the aisle and tried to open the doors. Midnights voice boomed. "You cannot leave, until you complete your task you will be alone!" The cathedral was now empty, except for emily and the dust on the walls. Emily cried out in rage and in sorrow. She ran to the pulpit and tore the pages from the book and thre it into the font. Emily sobbed and fell to her knees. She dropped the knife and shook her head. She wanted to tell her mother howw sorry she was and how much se loved her, to tell her why he would not come home. Emily held onto the love for her mother which was so strong now. A white orb floated infront of her. sparkling. Emily held out her hands and the orb sat in them. The orb was warm and comforting. she felt a calm eminating from the orb. the orb grew very warm then after a bright flash of light the orb was gone. In her hands was a beautiful bird. But it was not a crow but a dove. Emily gasped and whispered to it. The dove nodded and flew out the window. Emily heard joyous laughter behind her nad looked to see midnight sitting in one of the pews. "This is why you were chosen, You could create the one thing i couldn't" Midnight was beaming now. "The essence of Love! you created the most beautiful creature, a dove" Emily beamed and picked up the knife. and looked at her reflection in it. "I can also create crows right?" Midnight nodded.  "of course, thats midnights job, to create darkness and fear." Midnight nodded at the knife. "Are you ready? to become midnight?" Emily tightened her grip on the knife and removed her sweater.

 Midnight nodded "it will be painful, but you are determined, you can do it" Emily closed her eyes and plunged the knife into her chest. The pain was almost unbearable. "Emily screamed and almost vomited. she Screamed as she continued to cut. She held on to the tought of her father and running into his arms. emily screamed as midnight sobbed repeating "i'm sorry" Emily's vision blurred and then she dropped the knife. Her face was covered in sweat and her hand was soaked in blood. She inhaled and sobbed. she cupped her heart it her hand and tore it from her breast.  Emily screamed and felt the beating of her heart. Her wound already began to heal itself and the pain was dulling. Midnight took the heart and frowned. "I'm so sorry emily, but it's all over now." Emily looked around and they were on the platform in the darkness again. Midnight ate emily's beating heart and shuddered. He lifed emily up and smiled. Her wound was completely healed and there was no pain. "thank you emily, You have completed all three tasks"Midnight began to waltz with emily. Her clothes changed into a beautiful  long flowing white dress with pointed chiffon sleeves and acrimson bodice. there was a bright light and the're faces were illuminated in the moonlight. Emily laughed and danced. "Goodbye Emily" Midnight said in a beautifuly melodic voice and then he disappeared into a rush of black smoke. Emily smiled as the bell sounded midnight.

"When i fell down the well, i was Emily. Ididn't know what my purpose for existing was, But as soon as i held that dove in my hand i became something more. I discovered that midnight is mysterious and dark, but it's also beautiful and tranquil. Everyone has a purpose in life, Wether it's a great and noble deed or just causing someone to smile. No matter how small you may be or how brave or shy you are, you can change the world. All it takes to start in one small thought. I know your fears and regrets but i also know your hopes and desires. I am Midnight."

The End

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