The second Crow

Emily entered into the small, dimly lit room and approached the small table. The Crow grinned when he saw emily and bowed his head. "Well done on completing your first task, Midnight is very pleased." The crow said in the same raspy voice as the first. The crow motioned for Emily to take a seat on the plush black cushion infront of the table. Emily did as she was told and sat down, thankful for the warmth of the room. The Crow nodded his head. "well, now your ready for your next task." Emily examined the shiny apples and noticed how hungry she was. The apples seemed to beg her to eat them, pleading to be savoured. The crow cleared his throat to get her attention. "yes, let us begin. There are two different types of apples here, One is poisoned." At those words emily felt a shiver run down her spine. She eyes both apples cautiously. The crow gave his wings a shake and continued. "You must eat one of them and survive if you wish to continue. Take all the time you need" the crow chuckled. "you won't be leaving anytime soon" and took off upwards to a high perch in the shadows above. Emily picked up one of the apples and rolled it around in her hands, taking in every detail. After examining the second she noted that both looked exactly the same.

Emily closed her eyes and began to think. There was something she remembered from the last room, The fresco depicted a girl with a green apple, not a red one. Emily opened her eyes and barely scratched at both apples to see if one was green underneath. To her dismay neither was green. Emily places her head in her hands desperately trying to think of a way to pass this task. After a few minutes she stood up and began to search the room. First, she felt along the walls to see if there was a crevasse where another apple might be hidden. When she found nothing she took a peek under table and saw the dark shape of a spherical object. Emily reached under the table and gasped with excitement when she pulled out a shiny, green apple. 'He tried to trick me, he thought i would eat one of the red apples. which i'm certain are both poisoned' These thoughts crossed her mind as she grinned at the apple in her hand. She held her breath then sank her teeth into the delicious, sweet apple. A warm sensation surged through her entire body, dulling her vision. The apple slipped from emily's hand and fell beside her feet. Emily's vision faded even more and she started to feel dizzy. Soon, Emily was lying on the floor, barely breathing.


Emily unlocked the front door and stepped inside her dimly lit house. "Mom?" she called out. When she recieved no answer she flipped the switch and the room was filled with light. The Living room had deep red walls adorned with paintings and family photos. The dark hardwood floor was spotless and shining. "Mom?" emily called again, this time a little louder. Again she recived no answer. Emily dropped her bookbag and quickly walked into the kitchen. Emily's mother wasn't in the kitchen either. Emily placed a finger on the photo of her father wich was taped to the fridge, he had died a year ago in a car accident. Emily was just about to leave the room when she noticed a brown paper bag from the liqour store on the counter. 'Oh no!'  Was all emily could think as she hurried from the kitchen and into the washroom where she found her mother asleep by the tub, a Beer bottle in her hand. Emily removed the bottle from her hand and poured it down the sink. She wiped her mother's face and gently woke her. "mom? What are you doing?" Emily asked as her mother's eyes fluttered open. Emily's mother rubbed her face and looked at Emily dunkenly. "whas it look like i'm doin?" Emily's mother reached for the bottle but it was gone. Emily shook her head. "i thought Rehab changed you mom, i thought you gonig to start taking care of me properly." Emily's mother frowned and picked herself up. Emily helped into the sitting room and sat her on the couch. Emily's mother frowned again. "b-but i've always taken care o-of you" Emily wrinkled her nose at the smell of alchohol on her mother's breath. Tears started to roll down her cheeks and she shook her head.

"No mom, You haven't" she inhaled and continued to talk. "Dad did, he always did" Emily's mother winced at the mention of her husband. "That's not true...i've always been there for you sweetie." Emily sobbed and shook her head. "Really? who was there when i cried at night because of nightmares?, Who was there at the hospital when i broke my arm? Who was there at my all of my dance recitals?" Emily couldn't stop herself, she knew she was hurting her mother. "Who was there helping me battle depression?" Emily sobbed harder as she choked out her next words. "Because it sure wasn't you. You were too drunk to be there, or you were in rehab" Emily's mother began to cry "i tried to make life good for you after your father died, i really did. But i couldn't help it. i was so upset" Emily shook her head and stood up "Is that why we moved? so you could make it better for me?" Emily began to back towards the back door. "i know about your Stash of booze, don't tell me it was there when we moved in. You Killed dad, he was so upset and angry with you that he couldn't think properly it's your fault!" Emily's Mother began to sob and opened her mouth to say something but Emily was already out the back door, running into the woods behind her house.


Emily felt somethnig poke at her arm and she tried to brush it away. Her vision was blurry at first, but cleared after she sat up. The Crow stood beside her grinning happily. "Well done!" he shouted "you've passed your second task, I tried to trick you but your a smart one you are!" Emily smiled and saw that the apples were gone, and so was her hunger. 'i thought i was dead' apparently the crow read her thoughts. " I thoguht you were dead too, But i heard you breathing and tried to wake you. Midnight is very pleased." Emily reached out and stroked the crow's head. The crow cooed and vanished into thin air, leaving a small key where he once stood. Emily picked up the key, it was the same as the firstm but with a handle. She bravely walked up to the door and unlocked it. The door swung open revealing an old staircase. Emily ran upstairs and burst through a door at the top. She stood inside the bell tower. It was made of stone and the huge bell was made of polished black marble. There was no view from bell tower, all she could see was darkenss that stretched onwards towards the horizon. The tower itself was lit by candles. In the corner of the tower was a chair, and the creature sitting in that chair had the body of a man. It was Pale skinned and hand long, thin fingers. It wore a simple black Habit. The creature had the face of a Crow, The only thing different, was the Silver eyes. tHe creature smiled warmly to emily amd waved. " Welcome, Emily, I've been waiting for you." the creature chuckled. Emily tilted her head. "How do you know who i am?" The creature luaghed hoarsely. "Because, i am Midnight"

The End

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