Becoming Midnight

A girl falls down a well and find herself in an old cathedral where she meets three crows each with a task for her to perform in order for her to return home or so she thinks.

                                                                   Becoming Midnight

                                                                       By Liam. S

Emily sat  on an old wooden platform in the middle of a clearing in the woods behind her house. Alone and shivering,  all she could hear was the sound of the pine trees swaying in the cold, unforgiving wind. Snowflakes danced through the air, painting the ground and the trees in  white. Emily shivered against the bitter  cold of the wind, it was getting dark. Emily sighed as she shifted her weight and rubbed her hands together. she tried not to think of the things she had said to her mother, before she ran out of the house. A small sob escaped her mouth and tears began to roll down her cheeks.   a crow's scream shattered the silence, startling Emily. The sudden movement caused the wooden platform to creak and suddenly break open. Emily's scream peirced the air as she fell through the hole in the platform causing a murder of crows to fly from their hiding place amongst the trees. Emily continued to scream as she plummeted further into darkness wondering what would happen when she hit the bottom.

 After what felt like an hour she hit something hard and solid then there was nothing. After a while Emily opened her eyes and found herself looking up at a high, stone ceiling. 'strange' emily thought to  herself 'where's the hole?'  She rubbed her eyes and sat up, and a searing pain shot up her left arm. Emily winced and grabbed her arm. She took a look around at the grey stone walls. The room was large and desolate. lit  by dim candlelight. Old, dusty pews lined the long aisle which led to a small raised platform with a pulpit. very dim light shined through the grimy stained glass windows along the walls. Emily stood up and took a few steps down the aisle, looking up at the celing wich was painted with crows instead of religious figures. One of the old Frescos depicted a crow giving a shiny green apple to a girl who looked alot like emily. With long black hair, pale skin with carmen coloured cheeks and lips. wearing a red sweater and blue jeans. 'this, is freaky' Emily told herself. Every step she took echoed loudly, giving the place an eerie lonelyness. Emily stepped up onto the platform and stood at the pulpit. She realized that she was in an old cathedral. "Hello?" she called out only to be answered by an echo. She noticed a door behind the platform but when she tried to open the door, she found it was locked. Emily returned to the pulpit, noticing a small font full of dark, black water. On the pulpit was an old black book she assumed was some holy book.

 When she opened it however, it was full of images of crows and the strange girl that looked so much like Emily. One of the images showed the girl holding a key, another of the girl crossing a collapsing bridge. Emily felt a cool breeze from behind and she turned around to see nothing. When she turned to read the book she was looknig at a small Black crow with beady, white eyes. "welcome" the crow said in a raspy voice. Emily jumped back. Crows weren't supposed to talk, or so she thought. Quietly she replied "Wh-where am I?" The crow tilted it's head "Your in midnight's cathredral of course" rasped the crow as though she should know this. Emily scratched her head "I need to get home, i fell through a hole...and ended up here" The crow gave a little laugh "Oh, you'll go home, but the way out won't be easy" again the crow laughed "You see, midnight has been expecting you, we all have" Emily shook her head "your mistaken, I don't know who midnight is, I just want to go home" The crow looked at emily seriously " you came here because midnight willed you to be here and you cannot return until you finish what you are here to do!" Emily balled her hands into fists and stomped her foot. " What am i supposed to do? i don't know who midnight is or what this has to do with me!" The crow sighed . "Midnight is...the father of nightmares, the father of the crows" the crow frowned a little "He is dying, i cannot explain to you why you are here, only that midnight has been waiting for someone like you for a long time" Emily sighed and leaned up against the pulpit "so, what am I supposed to do?" The dim light that was once shining through the windows was gone as were all but one of the candles

 The crow grinned " Finally i can get on to the important part, you must complete three tasks to return home, each task will help midnight grow stronger. The first task is to swim to the bottom of that font and retrive a key to open that door" The crow nodded towards the locked door behing the platform. Emily looked curiously over  at the font and then back to the crow. " You have until this pebble reaches the bottom" the crow spat out a small black pebble "If you do not come out with the key when the pebble hits the bottom, you will be trapped there forever." The crow gave a cough " if you do not drop the pebble and enter the font, you will drown"  Emily frowned and looked again at the pebble and back to the crow, but the crow was gone. Emily walked over to the font and gazed into its depths. She saw only her reflection in the dark water. She removed her shoes and her sweater so she was only in her jeans and black t-shirt. She dropped the pebble into the font and quickly climbed in. The water was freezing cold, her entire body screamed in protest. Emily gasped and took a deep breath and dove under the cold water. She could see the pebble falling towards the bottom and she swam after it, eventually passing it. The font was surprisingly deep it seemed like she would never reach the bottom. once she did, shw saw hundreds of keys that all looked the same. Emily cursed in her head and began searching for a key that was different than the others. Her lungs were burning and she could see spots. She could see the pebble and in a few minutes it would reach the bottom.

 Emily scrambled and in the corner of her eye, saw a key without a handle. she reached for it, and held it in her hands. The pebble was only inches away from the bottom now. Emily kicked off of the floor and swam hard and fast. Suddenly, she felt something close around her ankle. Emily looked in horror as a the fetid hand of a corpse began to pull he to the bottom. She let out a desperate scream as she fought to break free. she kicked one, twice and she was free. Emily swam furiously,her vision blurring as her head burst onto the surface. She gasped and pulled herself out of the font, sitting on the floor, leaning against it. Emily examined the key in her hand. It was ebony black, with an ornate pattern on it. After a minute of resting she put on her dry, warm sweater and shoes and walked towards the door. The door unlocked with a click And creaked open. Emily stepped forward into a small dimly lit room with stone walls and a low celing. In the center of the room was a low table covered with a red cloth on wich to red apples sat. Behind the apples stood a small black crow with red eyes.


The End

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