Becoming Dauntless: Page one.

I stare at the Erudite table. With the people who I didn't belong with.

I wait at the Erudite compound, ready for the stimulation. Also not ready. They are still looking for the divergent but for different reasons. The divergent are going outside the gates. What's outside the gates? I remember that girl Tris went out there and never came back. I wonder what happens to her. That Four guy came back thought. "Bree williams please report to room  476." A voice from the intercom said. I sigh and stand up. I walk towards the double doors of the stimulation room. On my way to the door a Dauntless tripped me. But I didn't fall. Almost though. I glare at the Dauntless boy. Who just laughed it off. I walk into the stimulation room. There's that guy four. "Hello." I say.  "Hello. Sit here." He gestures  to the chair in front of him. I sit down. "Can I ask you a question?" I asked." You just did." He answers. "Well I'm going to ask anyway. That girl tris what happened to her weren't you two friends?"  His face fills with pain. "Drink this." He gives me a metal cup with blue liquid in it. "What is it?" "Your find out."  I shrug and press the cold metal cup to my lips and pour the blue liquid down my throat. "Now what?" I say but my words slur. But before he answers I'm already asleep.   I'm in the Erudite library. "What do i do?" I yell out. A hooded figure steps out from one of the book shelf.  "Who are you?" I ask. He walks toward me. I try to backup but my feet won't move. I swing my arms at him. "Get away." I screamed. 

The End

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