Chapter Two - The Cursed ManMature

Chapter Two - The Cursed Man

I saw straight away what she was going to do. And of course I was too damn weakened to grab her before she raced out the gap in the wall. I starred after her as she ran for the city. The worst possible place she could go. I glanced at the ground and studied the blood I'd hopefully killed with the chemicals. I blinked a few times as I realised it wasn't black, it was a normal red colour. I looked at the chemicals I'd mixed again, but they shouldn't have caused the effect. I ran for the wall and put a hand to my ear. The device Gregor asked me to make. I didn't mention the tracking device on it though. I needed my own advantages afterall.

“What the hell happened?” I asked as I half jogged. If I wasn't careful I'd make myself collapse.
“I don't know, Zara isn't responding so I'm sending Jag out to find her,” he replied, his voice very irritated.
“What about the other dicks?” I asked, knowing he'd understand I meant Jackson and his gang of followers.
“No clue, but the machine did what it was meant to. So hopefully they're all knocked out, or better, dead,” he said. I rolled my eyes, he just had to jinx it.
“Yeah, that's another thing. Why didn't Zara's shield work? We were supposed to be protected from the blast,” I said. Gregor cleared his throat. He did it before some big revelation, I rolled my eyes again in advance.
“That blip I picked up?” he reminded me.

“The one you chose to ignore?” I added, of course, it was all his fault.
“Well, it grew in intensity while you and the others were exchanging pleasant chit-chat. And was very much active when the device went off. I think that we've found another gifted person,” Gregor finished with what I suspected was a grin on his face. I paused mid-step, someone who could nullify Zara's shields? I remember my blood and the girl. It was her that was spying on her before.
“I think I know who it is,” I replied.
“Then what are you waiting for Aiden? Get 'em and convince them our side is the far better one,” Gregor replied. Then he cut off communication. I did as well and studied the city before me. I turned back around to look through the school files. Hopefully none of the “hero's” would try looking for me there. I easily found the offices I wanted, the fire had died down now but it'd be a few hours before anyone searched this area of the building. I didn't even know where to begin so I pulled went through the alphabet and glanced at the student ID pictures. Eventually I found her.

“Jennifer Harper, found you,” I muttered as I studied her file. An average C student who skipped every sports lesson. I glanced at the various sick notes in the file. Asthmatic, type one diabetic, low blood pressure. She didn't look unhealthy so she got the seriously bad end of the genetics stick.
It just proves further that she's the one Gregor's after, otherwise she would've been too weak to run after exposure to my blood. Someone who can naturalise its effects? I gritted my teeth and wondered if I'd get away with defying Gregor like that.
But I was pretty sure I needed her more than him right now. Besides, he's the one who wants me to distil a cure so he can actually make a deadly virus out of me. I touched my ear.
“No luck,” I muttered, forcing weariness into my voice. It wasn't especially hard. The smoke and injuries weren't exactly pleasant.

“Fine, I'll keep an eye out for when her power flares up again. Zara checked in, she's fine.” Gregor replied, I nodded even though he couldn't see that.
“I'm heading back home, I doubt the hero's will find her first,” I said as I left the building, pulling my hood up to cover my face. The crowd that had been out the school earlier had died down more. Fire horses had stopped some time ago, now it was just a question of where the college students were going to go for their schooling.
The first thing I did when I got back was apply for some courses. Mature students went to college all the time afterall. It wasn't like college-level physics and mechanics were going to be hard for me. Once that was done I headed down to the basement.
“Damn,” I muttered, the latest attempts at a cure had all failed. After more glaring at the tarry black Petri dishes I grabbed a fresh needle. As I found a vein I remembered the way she'd changed the blood. So it looked natural, how it used to be so long ago. Two more failed attempts later and I collapsed onto the sofa. I glanced at the kitchen and knew I should make something to eat. But I knew I'd just throw most of it up.

Gregor had been over the moon when he realised my ability. But it's more of a curse really, I'm the only person who can't die from this thing. Gregor called it a form of immortality like it was amazing. Immortality in isolation sounds pretty crappy to me.
But tomorrow I'd go to whichever building they moved Jennifer to, she'd recognise me straight away. I couldn't help but grin at the fact she'd be terrified, not that I planned to actually kill her. Just get enough samples to work with.

The End

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