Simple Question, Hard AnswerMature

Chapter Three: Simple Question, Hard Answer

I left the room, my mind a disarray of confusion. It was only Cieran repeating himself loudly that pulled me from the mess.

“Sorry,” I murmured, seeing his concerned expression.

“So what happened?” he pushed, I sighed at his annoying habit to know everything. He grabbed my arm and stopped me mid-step, making me face him.

“Tell me,” he said, for the first time since I met him his voice sounded serious. I hesitated, not sure if I wanted anyone to know. If the higher ups found out and didn't like what was heard...I didn't want to contemplate what that would mean for my future. I looked around, seeing people milling about the grounds and took his wrist, leading him to a more secluded area surrounded by trees.

“She said there was something of significance in my future,” I said. Cieran laughed and grabbed my shoulders.

“I knew it, you're going to be a big hero or something,” he said with a grin. I sighed inwardly at his child-like assumption.

“She said it was both good or bad Cieran,” I said and his grin faded a little.

“Oh...well...that could mean anything,” he said with a shrug which slumped down too quickly, giving away his uncertainty.

“Well, I'm going to be a warrior like you, so we should both get ready for our first assignments,” I said, not liking his face so drawn with seriousness. It didn't suit him in the slightest after I'd gotten so used to his goofy smile. It turned out a few days later after proving we were both physically ready for the job, that the seer had been right again.

“There's a rotation, a few weeks guarding the gates, a few weeks watching over the elders. And another group will be on the middle world, keeping the demonic population under control and another group will be doing other missions that are vital,” June explained.

“But, surely Nephilim's do that job?” A girls voice spoke up, I glanced behind me where she sat and realised it was the girl from before. This close I could see her hair was a deep chestnut shade and her eyes a warm brown colour. Her features shared the warm feeling and I found it hard to believe she had been chosen as a warrior.

“We rarely create them, and usually for a sole purpose on earth before later becoming fully fledged like Cieran here,” June said. Cieran grinned from where he sat next to me at the mention of his name and glanced at the girl. She didn't look that impressed by his charm.

“Spend the rest of the day in the gardens and get to know those who will stay in your group,” June said. Then proceeded to tell us our groups. I half-expected to be separated from the girls but the groups were mixed. I wasn't surprised when me and Cieran's names were read out together. She read out a girls name and I heard the girl behind me mutter darkly. Marie didn't like the idea of working with Cieran much. Those picked to be warriors were a small group so it wasn't surprising that there was only three of us.

“Okay, you know your groups, get to know each other. Then tomorrow you'll receive you're first job,” June explained. I trudged out after the others, Cieran seemed way to happy about Marie as we walked.

“Darius,” June stopped me with a firm voice. Cieran glanced from me to her and shrugged.

“Good luck,” he whispered and left, Marie stared back curiously but kept walking away with Ciran. I shut the door and turned to face her.

“The seer is not allowed to hold back information about what she sees. I had to fight a serious case to allow you in this room,” June said, sitting down with a sigh. My instructor had never looked so worn out and I felt a pang of guilt.

“They wanted me to take the other option?” I asked. June gave a sharp nod and I sighed. I suppose that would make more sense, I couldn't get around or harm people if all I ever did was hang around on purgatory.

“I need to ask a very serious question Darius. And I need an honest answer,” June said, turning to lock gazes. I didn't nod or give an indication I would, but we both knew it went against my every instinct to disobey someone.

“Do you disagree with the way the elders run things?” June asked. The question surprised me and made me blink. I pulled together my thoughts, wanting to say more than a simple no or yes.

“So far I don't, but I don't know everything the elders do or how it affects everything. But I think to disagree with their wisdom would be pointless. But at the same time, I'd like to think they're open to new ideas. The mortal world changes everyday, we all know that. The upper world needs to reflect this,” I replied, taking a deep breath after. My answer hadn't answered her question, but it had been honest. June considered my words before nodding.

“Go to Cieran and Marie. You need to be the closest of friends, afterall your lives will most likely depends on each other more than once,” June said with a smile. I returned the smile and left, surprised by my own words about the elders.

The End

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