The PredictionMature

Chapter Two: The prediction

I walk through the room of cloth again, feeling the silks and cottons brush over my bare arms and cheeks as I moved. Cieran's good luck still ringing in my ears, something I worried I might need. Which just proved my mind was desperate, there was no such thing as luck. The seer sitting before me proved everything was pre-determined.

“Not quite young one, everything influences the many thousands of possibilities in existence,” The seer said, reading my mind easily. I felt my cheeks flush at my ignorance and sat down opposite her, keeping my eyes on the table, it was covered by a thin lacy material.

“You seem to expect a lot of yourself,” she said and I wondered if she was implying I held too much pride.

“Not quite,” she laughed, “But you should tune down the expectations or you'll run yourself ragged,” she continued. I shrugged, I'd had it beaten into me to do my best, so that's what I tried to do. I shifted uncomfortably as she studied me.

“Do you know anything?” I finally asked, hating the long-drawn silence.

“He speaks,” she said with a grin. I wondered if the seer had previously been human, it would explain the mortal-like humour and way of acting.

“You act as if previously being human is a bad thing. I think you would benefit from seeing the middle world,” the seer said. My eyes widened, was that where my future lied? I couldn't see how my life could ever go in that direction.

“You can never predict the direction your life will go child. Now take my hand, I need physical contact to read you,” She said. I obeyed instantly, my thoughts still whirling about the mortal world. Her eyes closed and furrowed formed on her brow.

“Well, you're certainly of significance. Or will closely related to someone else of significance,” she said, her voice slightly deeper as she spoke, the muscles of her hands twitching against mine.

“Good or bad?” I asked, not sure if I was allowed to interrupt her. The burrows grew deeper and she opened her eyes. Her eyes had no pupil, just a sheet of creepy vein-filled white that made me want to yank my hand away. She let me go, her breathing deep. She rested her face in both hands, forcing her breaths to slow. When she looked up her eyes were back to their normal brown appearance. She studied me, her eyes watery from her weariness and her cheeks red from exertion.

“Both,” she whispered, her eyes growing wide with wonder. I blinked at her.

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“It means both child. But my efforts to see further details were pointless. Whatever is going to happen really is pre-determined,” she said, her voice no longer feisty, but worn out and something else I couldn't name.

“I just hope for all the worlds sake, you know what you're doing,” she added, then I realised what it was. She was scared. Scared of me and the future I had. I felt the fear reverberate in me as a result and gulped.

“So what am I?” I asked, my voice horse and completely failing to sound calm. She studied me and looked away in a far distance I couldn't see.

“I can't tell which is best for you. There are two options, it's up to you to decide,” she said, pulling sweaty strands of hair back from her fringe.

“What are they?” I asked, thrown by a choice, so used to my life being laid out before me.

“Warrior or Dark Angel,” she replied. I blinked again, shocked. Warrior didn't bother me, I excelled in the fighting arts so the choice made sense, but a dark angel? Someone who saw to the lost souls and overlooked purgatory? Dark Angels were rarely replaced and certainly not desired. No one wanted a lonely life in darkness.

“Based on your expression the decision is simple,” she said with a grin. Some of her old liveliness returning. I nodded, we both knew I was going to be a warrior.

The End

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