Becoming a Dark AngelMature

Darius' backstory :)

Chapter One: The Seer

I starred over the fields, my eyes zoning in on the edge. I hadn't yet gained the ability to look down on the mortal world, but it wouldn't be much longer until I did.

“Darius, are you listening?” June asked, her voice harsh and her arms crossed. It didn't help that she had her hair pulled back in a tight ponytail that stretched her features, making her seem more strict than she was. She always knew when my mind had wandered off.

“Yes, ma'am,” I replied simply, unlike Cieran I wasn't interested in being a pain to everyone I met. She nodded and continued talking, leading us to the main building. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the ceiling, whirls of every shade imaginable moving around each other in a beautiful, intricate dance. Souls that were waiting to be reincarnated was what we'd been told long ago. But being told what something was and seeing it were two very different things.

“Right,” June said, pulling my attention away from the ceiling. Cieran nudged me, no doubt intending to whisper some pointless comment in my ear.

“What?” I asked impatiently as June explained the next part of our journey.

“Check her out,” he whispered, pointing to a group on the other side of the room. The female acolytes, it was my first time seeing a girl. Those born and raised in the upper worlds were separated from their birth parents and raised in two groups. I didn't understand the logic in keeping boys and girls apart but didn't dare to question it. June was the only female instructor we'd had and was nice most of the time, but some of the male's just looked for an excuse to whack you across the back of the head.

“She seems nice,” I replied with a shrug. Cieran seemed shock by the decision and shook his head.

“You should've lived on earth mate,” he said. Cieran had only died four months ago but had excelled in most tasks, hence he was already at the final part of our initiation. I studied the girl again, she had long brown hair that trailed down her back in a plait and fair skin. Her features seemed simple enough, from this distance I couldn't make out her eyes.

“Follow me, the seer will determine which area you're skills are most needed,” June said, starting to lead us. Great, thanks to Cieran I'd missed the whole explanation, I didn't like being clueless. We followed June down a few corridors, if I hadn't been keeping track I'd be easily lost in this labyrinth. The room we ended up in had thick carpets and strips of thick cloth falling from the ceiling haphazardly, shades of blue, green and red created a path to the centre of the room where a lady with curly silver hair and elegant wrinkles sat.

“You're late,” she said to June.

“Young ones are hard to control,” June replied with a shrug, the old lady's small smile indicated she understood the excuse.

“Alright, everyone stand in the corridor outside and I will call you in one by one,” she announced to everyone. Those who were previously human went first, in our case that was just Cieran and we already knew what he was going to be.

“Hell yeah,” he said, throwing a fist in the air when he left and throwing a arm over his shoulder.

“Warrior,” he continued and I rolled my eyes at him and his odd human gestures. Some others were called in and I was aware my turn was being continually pushed further back. The seer called in those born in the upper worlds based on how loudly they're future and potential spoke to her. Being near the end of the list didn't bode well. Cieran stood, waiting with me, his hands shoved his trouser pockets.
“Dude, you're either screwed or going to be some big deal,” Cieran said with a laugh.

“Thanks,” I muttered, not appreciating the vocalization of my fears in the slightest. He frowned at me, his ginger hair falling in front of his eyes.

“You should stop worrying so much. Or have you forgotten you were the only person able to beat my butt last week?” Cieran added the last part with a hint of annoyance in his voice. He hadn't liked being made out a fool after all his showing off. His embarrassment did make the win sweeter.

“Cockiness made you easy to beat,” I replied, aware I was being unnecessarily mean. But the point stood, especially someone who used to be mortal. It took a long time for their tendencies and impulses to wear away. Though truthfully my life had been pretty boring until I'd met Cieran, why he'd chosen to befriend me of all people puzzled me. I was considered the most quiet and solemn of the initiates.

“Maybe. Or you could be the makings of a great warrior who'll do amazing things,” Cieran countered. His hopelessly positive logic made me roll my eyes at him. I was trying to ignore the fact that my cheeks felt hotter when my name was finally called.

The End

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