Exercise your brain

If you want to be a psychic training your brain to think in different ways is very important. Even if you think your not smart for your age you can become the most clever person in the world over the space of a month, you just need patience and time.

Using your common sense

This is the first part of using your brain properly, knowing that if something hurts you arent likely to do it again unless your doing exercise. Of course real common sense is not something that you use automatically, it's something that you learn good or bad. As we get older we become a little more wiser every day taking into account of our previous problems. The existence of our modern world had came to be through the art of learning and it can also be improved too.

I would also like to quote that knowing is rarely enough for you to get better at something, if you want to get better you have to act on your weak points.

Brain training tips

  1. Buy a brain training game and play it.
  2. Read a book fiction or non fiction.
  3. Do puzzles like sudoku, word searches, crosswords etc.
  4. Do things with the hand that you don't normally use.
  5. Take an interest in the media, read a news paper, listen to music, watch a film etc.
  6. Learn a new subject
  7. Write a story or poetry etc
  8. Communicate


making sure your memory is at it's peak will help you as you get older. You might  find that you have a selective memory. If you do then your only going to remember things that you enjoy so treat learning as a hobbie rather than a chore. There are some great ways to improve your memory and here are some of them, there are probably more ways to improve your memory but here are a few tips to help maintain that.

  • Make an effort to remember the date of the week and the birthdays of all your friends
  • Concentrate, you only take things in if your fully absorbed in what your doing.
  • Revise something you want to remember, repitition plays a role in memory and the more you try the less you will have to repeat.
  • Drink herbal tea's and eat 70% dark chocolate which are proven to improve your memory.


Pay attention to exercise because this also trains your mind. However your starsign will also affect this too with the parts of the body that the starsign rules

Aries - forehead and face - Competitive team sports like football, basket ball etc - Aries needs to know when enough is enough otherwise they will keep giving their best all the time.

Taurus - face,ears, neck - Brisk walking and dancing - Taurus needs to wear a scarf on a cold day and avoid straining the neck.

Gemini - Hands, arms, chest, lungs and tongue - Aerobics, jogging - Gemini also has to watch how they eat because many find it harder to gain weight than to lose it

Cancer - Chest and Stomach - Walking, pilates, swimming - Cancer needs gentle exercise or to be careful how far they push.

Leo - Heart, waist, spine - Jogging, Aerobics, Dance - Be careful when at the gym because of Leo's sensitive spine

Virgo - Abdomen and digestive system - Meditation - More of a mind exercise, Virgo are usualy concerned about their own health anyway but they need to be carefull of their stress levels when working themselves and not push too far.

Libra - Lower back and kidneys - Cyling, yoga, and/or something meaningful - it's important for librians to do something they are going to enjoy, drinking plenty of water is very important for this sign.

Scorpio -genitals - tai chi, yoga, martial arts - remember if your scorpio not to go overboard or to be exessive with exercise

Sagittarius - thighs and hips- Jogging, running, sprinting, walking, brisk walking - be carefull when doing these kinds of exercise the muscles in the hips are very sensitive.

Capricorn - knees, bones, teeth and hair - walking, pilates - be carefull with the bones Capricorn can suffer with arthritis.

Aquarius - Lower legs and ankles - yoga, pilates, jogging - The lower legs and ankles need to be supported at all times, circulation in these areas are at their most vulnerable.

Pisces - Feet, toes and mucus linings - Yoga, walking, jogging, swimming, dance - Pisces needs a warm environment to do exercise to avoid having to take tissues and the feet need to be looked after with extreme care. Changing socks often when going for a long walk or jog is very important and will also avoid painful blisters.

The End

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