For the use of psychic abilities you will need to use a great deal of your imagination and visualisation to help you improve you ability to see things. before I describe a list of exercises for you to practice I will first describe each of these things in full and why they are very important to your psychic training.


 (A little titbit that you can use for later and if you decide to read over this or return to each chapter so you can fully grasp everything. Visualisation is done in the third eye chakra imagination is done in the crown chakra).

Visualisation is all about thinking of something as if it were really happening, the use of visualisation requires the use of your imagination but putting visualisation to use is the harder part. Because the third eye chakra is also known as the eye of intuition you might have already used it unconsciously. You might have noticed the mother’s instinct when your mother knew that there was something wrong, or you might have had a horrible feeling in your bones or in your stomach that what you were going to do would have bad consequences on your happiness.

Follow the exercises below to improve your visualisation and intuition, remember that the two are linked. Your visualisation skills have an effect on your intuition and vice versa.


 This is a powerful psychic tool for your psychic work and will aid you greatly. With the use of your imagination you are able to create a world of your own where everything is happy and beautiful. This is a true fact, we all have the power to make our minds beautiful and radiant it just takes practice. Be warned however, the use of imagination is linked to our dreams in reality. We must act on our dreams to full fill our happiness, if you spend all our time up in the clouds you will soon realise that nothing you plan or dream of doing will get done and vice versa, if you spend all of your life grounded without a second of time to imagine or even drift off you’ll soon realise that you have no ambitions so what is the point in trying.

The whole point of imagination is that everyone needs it. Some people need it more than others. In fact, you might find that if your Starsign is either Pisces or Cancer you might need your imagination more than you think and will have more trouble grounding yourself. Signs like Aries and Sagittarius may need less time to use their imagination however that doesn’t mean that they don’t use it, it just means that they need to focus on what they want out of life a little more.

Follow the exercises and tools below to improve your imagination. Remember even though your Starsign may differ you still have an imagination, take into account how much you dream of having something or how far you are going at this present time to achieve something that you want, and then you will know where you stand in imagination versus grounding.

 Having a laugh

 If you don’t know what laughing is then you’re probably an alien. The sense of humour has been around for quite some time (this is not one of the five senses, just in case you were curious). Laughing is one of the greatest feelings that we can experience and can cleanse away most of the negative emotions. If you thought that psychic work was going to be all serious then you’re wrong, true it is serious work if you want to commit yourself but you have to treat it like a part of your normal life. If you see a hobby as work then it’s going to grate even more, this is why laughter is high on the menu for any one person and it makes you release tension that you never thought you had. We need to define a line between serious work and hobbies, remember that psychic isn’t serious work and shouldn’t be treated as serious work, however that doesn’t mean that you can use it as we please because like anything else you need to devote yourself seriously to the task of improving whilst at the same time enjoying it. Let’s face it, if you don’t enjoy something you’re not going to carry on doing it.

Look below for things that can benefit your laughter and make it even more enjoyable.

 Visualisation exercise 1 (What I see in front of me X 10,000)

 This exercise is best done alone rather than outside for consideration that the public might think that you’ve gone bonkers. You might have favourite people an animal or even an imaginary friend from when you were just a child. For this exercise you’re going to bring them to life once more. Make it feel like you can see this friend, person or object as if it were actually there. Hold the person’s hand, what does it feel like? Listen to their voice, what does it sound like? Remember this conversation doesn’t have to take place outside the mind; you can have telepathic communication with this person. Another useful fact is that your imaginary animal can even talk too. You can call on this imaginary friend whenever you want, when you’re in a bad situation, they can comfort you. You can even have more than one; you can make an imaginary army.

Just remember the public don’t feel comfortable about people that talk to themselves.

When you improve at this exercise you will feel your friend come to life through the voice, the sense of touch and the sense of sight once you’ve done that you can make the exercise more difficult by trying to smell your friend and giving him a personality of his own. Remember to keep this to imagination and not make it into a reality.

 Other ways to improve your visualisation

  • Imagine something actually happening
  • Pretend to eat a banana and actually taste it
  • Imagine the taste of what people are eating

 Intuition exercise 1 (a pack of playing cards)

 This exercise requires a pack of playing cards, remember you’re not going to be right all the time but with practice you will see improvement. Shuffle the deck and place them face down. State the colour of the card either out loud or in your head. Black or red, pick up the card and see in your mind the colour of the card. This can either be a plain colour or an actual card that is black or white. What does it feel like when you’re holding this card? Does it feel like red or does it feel like black? Do you get any images in your mind black objects or red? All of these sensations can take a while to master but this is a great game to improve your intuition. If you guess wrong it might be because you were fully indecisive about the colour, you didn’t trust your gut, you rushed your guess or you didn’t think at all.

Remember to relax during this exercise. Getting angry because you were better one day than the current will diminish your self esteem, the whole point of this exercise isn’t to be right, it’s to remember how you used to listen to your gut and what you feel about what you’re going to do next. Once you have done black and red you can make the game harder by naming the suit or even the number that’s on the card. Do you see six men digging with shovels? Do you see three cave men holding clubs? Remember to put your cards in piles of right and wrong guesses and count them up at the end of each game, you can keep records or you can just do it for fun.

 Other ways to improve intuition

  • Flip a coin
  • Slow down
  • Ask yourself what sounds best at this time

 Imagination exercise 1 (Meditating on thoughts)

 This exercise is more of a meditation but it makes the whole point of imagination. For this exercise you need to sit somewhere comfortable, remember you can do this anywhere but if you’re interrupted it could make you feel grouchy because you might have been rudely interrupted. You can do this with your eyes open or closed depending on weather you can handle outside noise.

The whole point of this meditation is to lose yourself, it’s almost like daydreaming but this is forced although once practiced enough you may find yourself daydreaming more often, treat it as a meditation. If you’re doing this exercise with your eyes open then you might find focusing on an object easier or even listening to music provided the music is something you feel strong emotions for.

You can start this meditation by just imagining the person you have a strong affinity with real or made up this is the starting point. Use the five senses, and imagine that you’re in a place that you feel safe or emotionally free in. When you’re doing this exercise it’s likely that your heart chakra and solar plexus chakra will open up. It can even be a little story although watch out for bad emotions because they can have more of a bad effect on you than a good effect. Once you have finished this meditation or you have been interrupted you need to open your base chakra quickly. Do this by imagining roots coming out from your tail bone to your feet and into the floor. Don’t get up before you’re grounded because you might feel light headed and dizzy. Remember to breathe slowly but comfortably and not forced the whole time.

 Other ways to improve your imagination

 ·         Read a fictional story that you like

·         Write a story

·         Start reading or even writing poetry

·         Listen to music and imagine yourself in the situation of the song

·         Meditate!

 Laughter exercise 1 (Combined with imagination)

 Remember everyone has a different sense of humour so what one person might find funny the other person might find utter stupidity, don’t worry you are happy most amongst people with your own sense of humour. For this exercise you will need a friend or a few friends, although the fewer friends you share this form of laughter with the better. It can be simple situations you where in the other day or you can laugh at things that seem abnormal it’s literally up to you, as long as the other person doesn’t see it as a waste of time. Remember it is possible for people to have more than one sense of humour.

The whole point of this exercise is to blow things out of proportion, as long as nobody that you know is offended then it is ok.

 Here is a list of things that you can laugh at

 ·         People doing abnormal things

·         A joke book

·         A television program or a comedy even the adverts

·         Computer games

·         YouTube poop’s

·         Situations

·         Being embarrassed

·          Music

·         Stories

There are more things that you can laugh at however try to vary your sense of humour so it doesn’t get boring.

The End

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