It may seem silly sitting all alone in a quiet room doing nothing and trying to think about nothing, however, meditation is proved to increase your awareness, memory and concentration. The whole point of meditation is to relax, when your not relaxed you are likely to be stressed taking in little of what is around you and so a half an hour period of meditation every day should do the trick, of course you can do as long or as little as you want but dont force yourself do do something that you don't enjoy, it must be enjoyable and you must be able to keep your focus.

What is meditation

Many people think that meditation is just about the mind and clearing it. true it is about clearing the mind, although it's the process that helps you to clear the mind that is considered as meditation. ususally the most effective forms of meditation are ones that you can easily lose yourself in.

  • whilst doing meditation it's important to relax so maybe do it after a warm shower or a bath when all of your muscles are relaxed.

Types of meditation

as long as it takes you to a place where reality doesn't exist then it's a good meditation for you. don't make the mistake of believing sleep is meditation however because although your unconcious you may or may not be relaxed.

breathing meditation

this type of meditation focuses on the awareness of the breathing, don't try to breathe too deeply only become aware of it, although you may find yourself breathing deeper when your more relaxed. become aware of your body too and how it feels, get rid of all the aches and pains. this can be done whilst sitting, however, whilst lying down you can try making your body melt and release all tension.

Trancendental meditation

with the use of a mantra which is a phrase or a soundfrom your own voice you can experience a good meditation. remember that you don't have to preform the mantra all the way through the meditationif you don't want to although the sounds rhythm should help you to settle down.

Music meditation

Listening to music can be a great way for anyone to block the world out. of course you have to listen to your inner self. before you start this type of meditation ask yourself what kind of music you like and how you feel when your listening to it. Some people may like classical music other may like music that is very emotional. remember music talks to you and makes you think about the situation of the song so it will also help you to connect with your true feelings at the same time.

Listening meditation

This one can be done practically anywhere, it just involves taking the thoughts out of your head and focusing on your environment, what you are doing and all the sounds around you. This one may be a little more difficult to preform because it requires you to be thinking about the present rather than the past or the future or what you think of the last book you read.

The benefits of Meditation

  • improved focus and more efficiency out of what your currently doing
  • leaving bad memories as they are and not worrying about what might happen
  • seeing things as they are and improved judgement
  • improved memory and awareness
  • less worries
  • improvement of self worth and happiness

The benefits of relaxing

  • released tension in the body and a sense of ease
  • Moving at a suitable pace instead of moving too fast
  • sensitivity and empathy
  • enjoyment of time spent doing the things you love

Of course it will take a few sessions of meditation for the whole effect to take place and will need dedicated practice. their is a good thing about having drama in your life because with none your not going to be happy, we all have to acknowledge the bad emotions as well as the good one's because they are trying to tell us what we feel. never make the mistake of forcing your true emotions out of your life, of course this doesen't mean to say that you won't recieve the consequinces of your bad actions. Likely there are always going to be people that don't agree with your point of view, this litteraly means that we live with more harmony among those who are similar to us.

The End

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