because they hate me.Mature

it's about my parents. never thought i'd write anything out of verse about them. but i did.
maybe i'll add more to it later, probably not.
i love you -gag-

i want to get out.i neeeed to get out. i hate it here, i hate this place. i just want to exit & never see them again. them being the people that created me. which is bullshit if you ask me, because don't you think you should receive unconditional love from the people that created you? instead of them constantly picking at your every move, breaking you down, incessantly driving you to tears & insanity? shouldn't they be supportive of your dreams, instead of calling you useless? shouldn't they help you learn how to live instead of just expecting the highest out of you? shouldn't their eyes be filled with constant love, instead of getting glared at and spit at and looked down upon? shouldn't they help your fairytale suceed instead of crushing your dreams?

these people that say they love are screaming hate. they don't know the first thing about love. they've only been together for so long because no one else wants them. they're perfect for each other, they deserve each other, because no one else wants them. 

i can't even say i love you without it getting stuck in my throat or rolling my eyes. how can i mean it when i speak it, if you don't?

'i HATE you,i'll NEVER take it back' that's what she told me once. i'm sure it's true. no one can convince me otherwise.

no, they don't say what they say because they love me & are trying to protect me; they say what they say because they're trying to wreck me for the real world. they say what they say because they hate me.

The End

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