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                First day of school was always the hardest. Evan would know. He'd had so many first days of high school, he'd lost count. But things never changes. He still got curios glances from the girls, envious looks from the guys, and many unsettling looks from the staff. As he traveled down the now empty hallway, he found his first class. English. He paused before opening the door. He felt like he was being watched. He shook the feeling, clamped the door knob and walked in.

                Rachael Wells was listening intently on what Mr. McGovern was explaining to the class about The Great Gabsey and how riveting the story line was and also how upset he was that very little of the class had bothered to read it. He was interrupted by the entrance of him. He was the new kid everyone was talking about. The one that made many girls swoon, the guys jelous, and teachers pay close attention to.

                "Class, this is Evan Montague. He will be in our class for the remainder of the semester,"

                The class erupted in a mass of noise, as Evan strolled down a row of desks and took a seat. Mr. McGovern called the class to attention and continued on with his teaching. Rachael could feel his eyes on her and the heat of his intense stare seemed to burn her skin. Every time she turned to look at him and try to catch Evan in the act, his eyes were on the board.   As the bell rang, Rachael collected her stuff and started out the class room. Evan seemed to have other ideas. He grabbed her elbow and pulled her aside in the now crowded hallway.

                "It's Rachael, right?"

                "Yes. Your Evan. Evan Montague."

                He laughed. " Why do you say that like it's a bad thing?"

                Evan didn't know what made him pull Rachael aside, but all he did know was that he wanted, needed to talk to her. Know her.

                "Well, I guess it's not." She finally spoke. "Well, I'll be late for class. See you around." With that she was gone. He decided that she was a mystery to him. One he intended to find out.

                                             * * *

                Rachael hurried to chemistry and took her usual seat next to her best friends, Nina and Scarlett. They were chattering away about the towns' annual Halloween fest. Given the fact that the fest was a month away, Rachael let them continue. As class started, Nina slipped a note on Rachael's desk.

What did the new kid want?

                Rachael wasn't surprised that Nina and Scarlett knew about the strange interaction between her and Evan. They were the schools gossip mills. They knew anything and everything about any given person, students and staff, at Claremont High.  Before Rachael could respond, class had begun. She decided that was for them to wonder and her to find out.

                Evan walked briskly to his car in the chill September air. As he unlocked his envoy, Rachael appeared at his side.   

                "Hi, again. Uh, I was wondering if you would like to join me, well and the rest of the committee, to help organize the towns Halloween fest. Were trying to get as many people as we can to help." She rambled, almost as if she was nervous. 

                "What makes you think I'll join?"

                " Well, if I was a new student, I would want to get to know as many people as I could. Here is your opportunity to do just that." She said with a defiant voice.

                "I'll think about it." He turned and climbed into his car and started off down the parking lot. Oh, well so much for that... thought Rachael until Evans voice broke through her thoughts.

                "Hey, you need a ride?"

                "Ah, no thanks. I think I'll be okay."

                He exhaled and said, " Hop in. I just have to stop off at my house first and pick up some stuff. The house is right down the street."  He grinned, got out of the car, strolled around to the other side, and opened the door for her.

                " What a gentleman.  Thank you."

                She got into the car and before she knew it, he was in the driver's seat and was turning out of the school parking lot.

                "So, if you don't mind me asking, where did you go to school before Claremont High?" she finally spoke.

                "ah, I moved around a lot. The three of used to travel around the world a lot. I was homeschooled then. Before here, I went to a school in Washington."

                " Sounds fun. Did only you and your uncle move here?"

                " Yeah. Its just the two of us. Why?"

                "well, you said the three of us earlier."

                "Did I?"

                "Yes, what happened to the other family member?"

                " My brother, Ryan. We don't really talk anymore. We had a falling out over family issues." As he said that, Rachael could see the pained look on his face.

                "I bet you miss him. I know if that happened to my brother and I, I would sure miss him a lot." Rachael said.

                Evan kept driving and finally pulled into a long driveway. As he pulled up to the house, Rachael was amazed. The huge oak doors were the first thing that caught her attention.  Ivy climbed up the huge brick house and covered the wrought iron fences. The cobblestone walkway seemed untouched by time.  She could also see the huge garden behind the house.

                "Beautiful house. I never knew this was even here."

                "A lot of people don't. It's so out of the way of the street that no one even knows it's here."

                "Well, that defiantly gives you privacy. I think everyone needs that."

                Evan laughed to himself.  His family needed that more than any other.  He parked the car and started off toward the house. He called back to Rachael and told her she could come in if she wanted to.  She nodded and got out of the car and met up with Evan at the front door.  Evan unlocked the door and threw his keys on a table, just inside the front door. He turned toward her and said, "Make yourself at home."

                He started off up the stairs. When he reached the top, he turned into a room, Rachael assumed was his. She walked down the hallway, and hanging on the wall were paintings of many different people. Evan walked back to her.

                "Who are all these people?" she asked.

                "My ancestors. Going all the way back to the Elizabethan Era. They lived in Italy, and eventually came here."

                "Quite a history."

                " Yeah. That's one way of looking at it. You ready to go?"

                " Yes." Rachael said, wanting to know more about his family's history.

                They left the house and went back to the car. Rachael gave him directions to her house and as they pulled into her driveway, he parked the car and turned  to look at her.

                " Hey, would you want to go to dinner with me on Friday?" He heard himself ask.

                "Ah... Yeah  I would like that."

                "Okay. I'll pick you up around 7?"

                "Sure. Sounds good."

                They got out of the car and walked up to her front door.

                "So I will see you tomorrow at school."  He spoke. He turned and walked back to his car, climbed inside and drove off. 


The End

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