New Life

A teenage guy who came from all boys school transfer into a co-ed school.
after 6 years doesn't speak with any girl, he challenge himself to change from forever alone into friendly guy. That guy is me, the lonely me. This story is edited just for fun. Thank you for forcing yourself to read this story. Fyi, i'm a Malaysian._.

Monday, January 7th, 2013.

         It was the first day of me in a new high school. The first time I’m stepping in a co-ed high school. Am I trembling? Of course not. Thanks to my best friend Fikri. He is my classmate from my middle school. Well, he is the top student while I was like the average students who befriend with the greatest person in people eyes. Not that I hate him but we keep on arguing on small problem like why 1+1=2 instead of 11.let’s skip these part, shall we?. Things start when I changed my mind about my old school. The school is good but I’m tired of travelling early in the morning. So, I decided to transfer into this school. The main reason is that the new school is nearer than my old school even though I already own a motorcycle license. I’ve contacted Fikri so that he could show me where my classroom and his friends to me. For some reason, I trust him because he is the leader of the Malay students in the co-ed school.

        I can still remember that it was at 6:50am in the morning. I step pass the school gate, all the students are busy walking to their classes. I scan around if there any sign of Fikri. We’ve promised that we would meet in front of the school hall at 7. But I can’t see him until I decided to ask the teacher where my classroom is. It turns out worst as I don’t know where the teacher’s room is. Practically I’m not the type of person who braves enough to ask for anything especially from unknown person. Then, a girl walk pass me while drinking a can of iced lemon tea.

“Excuse me, where is the teacher’s room?” I asked

“AAAHHHHH!!!!!” she suddenly yell as if she saw a ghost before she stumble and her drink spill onto me.

 All the students around us look at me like as if I’m breaking up with her. At that time, I don’t care about them because the biggest problem that I’m having now is that I’m late and the stumbled girl. I help her to stand, she seems fine, there’s no sign of injury. Not even a slight scratch.

For the first time of my life, I’m breathless. Not that I can’t breathe cause of asthma or something but I feel like I don’t need air. I stand with my eyes open wide with admiration. A jaw dropping moment as I’m looking at a cute girl standing right in front of me. Fair skinned with chubby cheek, short black hair and dark brownish pupils. Wearing a spectacle that look just nice on her. She has a nice body figure but a little short than me. She’s about my chest high.

Snap! I turn back conscious after she said sorry. Her voice is like the voices of an angel. Slow and indescribable type of voice.

“Can I help you?” while she was looking for something on the ground.

“owh! Sorry, can you tell me where the teacher’s room is?” I said with trembling voice.

She smile and reach out my hand. “I’ll take you there”

She drags me along the way. I can’t think straight because this is the first time an unknown girl touch my hand. She drag me until we’ve meet a typical Chinese teacher. She greets her politely while I’m standing there with my head keep on creating what to say. It feel like trying to solve a 10,000 pieces of puzzle.  The teachers then look at me sternly. Out of blue, she talks to me in mandarin. I can’t understand because I’m Malay, not a Chinese guy.

“Where is my greeting?”  The teacher said with strict high tone.

“I’m sorry, Good morning miss?” I ask as I couldn’t see her nametag.

“Miss Goh, now what you need?” she said.

“I’m looking for this 4K1 class, can you tell me where my class is?”

“The class is at block F, by the way, both of you are siblings right?” she point at my hand.

The girl and me look at each other and then look at our hand. How can I forget that she’s still holding my hand? I look at her face, her face turn into light reddish.   She let go off my hand and run out from the teacher’s room. I said thanks to Miss Goh and run out trying to chase that girl. But she disappear in seconds. Then I just walk along the way we came just now. In the mean time, Fikri come to me with a few of his friends. I greet them while my mind thinking of what to do with my school uniform. It’s sticky and smells of lemon tea.

“Let’s go to your class first. These are your classmate Najmie,Azhar,Syamir,Rushdan and Amar. I need to go to the science lab, met me at the canteen at recess time. By the way, nice perfume bro” said Fikri.

 As we are walking, I realize that there’s a hairclip stuck at my shoelace. I take it and clip it at the end of my collar. All of us continue to walk until we arrive at block F.

“Nice hairclip, yours?” Azhar spoke to me in his teasing tone.

“I don’t think so, it’s the gggigigigrl... HACHOO!!” the drink and the combination of the morning breeze make me sneeze. I hope not gonna get fever on the first day.

The End

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