You're Invited!

Tyra Williams is a Junior at Middleton High, who is envied by the most popular girl in school. Yet she finds herself at one of her parties and mingling with her boyfriend's little brother and enjoying herself more than she thought she would. What happens when she finds herself dating one of the most popular guys in school and having to choose between her friends and the life that she has just begun as the new and popular Tyra? Being popular is all she has ever wanted and now she has that, but wi

There were secrets, there were rumors, there were lies that just never went away. There was no such thing as getting through high school without getting one bad thing said about you or being bullied by your peers if there wasn't anything said about. If it was the way you dressed or the way spoke or where you were from, maybe it was who you hung out with. There was always something said about what you didn't or what you did have. You might be dating the hottest guy in school who just so happens to be the quarterback of the football team, but you didn't have the new purse or the cute shoes that were in styles now so you weren't considered cool. You might have all the new styles and fashions of 2013 but you hung out with the geek of the year so you weren't even considered to be worthy. If you were a cheerleader and got an A on the test without using some nerd to get it for you then you weren't considered good enough to sit at the cafeteria table with the others because studying was forbidden.

That was high school for you; or at least at Middleton High. You couldn't just be a mixture of things; you had to be one or the other. There was no such thing as being a nerd who has all of the styles and is a professional make-up guru and cheerleader. That was just unacceptable and you were placed as a nerdy nobody. I realized this my first day of high school as a Freshmen and that's why I was such a troublemaker and was tossed under the possibility of being a nerd. That's why the most popular girl in school hates me. I wasn't just some nobody that she could just squish like a bug because I was just me.

People say that I'm beautiful and unique and that just presses her buttons because she wants so bad to push me under a category that I don't belong in. I wasn't a cheerleader and I didn't wear short skirts. I didn't stuff my bra with tissues and stalk up to a really cute guy and imply that he asks me out Friday night, yet I still managed to get what I want. I was the girl wearing the nerdy glasses with the ripped, faded jeans, a plaid shirt on top of a regular tank top with a beanie on her head. I wasn't better than anyone else and I knew this but something about walking into high school your Junior year sends you flying into a bunch of drama that was bound to happen.

Before I go into detail let me tell you a few things you should know:

 Troy Styles, the hottest guy in school and the quarterback of the Middleton Bulldogs football team. He only came to school to play sports, eat, and go home. He was more of a visitor than a learner but the school wouldn't dare call his parents considering he was the only reason that they had never lost a game since he began as a starter his Freshmen year. Every girl in school fainted and swooned over the way he flipped his hair and the way he wore tight shirts to show off his biceps and pecs. All I saw was someone who needed to get his crap together and learn some Algebra before he starts bragging about how many downs they got in a game and the difference between and winning and a losing score.

Aphrodite Jones aka Miss. Popular, she was the girl who only came to school for socializing and was only a senior because she knew how to use people to get what she wanted. Someone needed to get her a reality check and that's why she hated me so much. She was the girl with the small dog and the huge mansion with the pink convertible that she would roll up to school in with her girlfriends in the back. She would flaunt around school and have her own customized locker that sparkled and of course was pink.

Jacky Williams, her 'assistant' or hound dog as I like to call it. All she did was chase after Jones and gave her whatever she wanted even if it was impossibly stupid. She would be the one to set up all of the big parties that Jones had and would run around making sure that everyone had a drink and that no one was throwing up in a pool.

And then there was me. My name's Tyra Williams, the girl who's not really seen until she wants herself to be known. I sit in the back of the classroom and I'm an average 'A' and 'B' student. I'm pretty much just an average Junior or at least I would have been if I hadn't been at one of Jone's parties last year that some how got me classified under the "cool" status and of course I never learn my lesson.

I looked up to see my friend Eleanor, scribbling vigorously on a note. The only reason I even knew this is because we were in the library and as soon as she put her pencil to the paper the librarian was jumping on her case. Of course she ignored this and continued to scribble down what was so important before handing it to me. I smirked at her before reading the note.

'Party at Aphrodite's, you invited?' 

I frowned down at the note before my eyes flickered back to her and she had this look on her face that made me cautious and curious as she stared at the double doors of the library. I turned around in my seat to see. Harry Styles, Troy's younger brother, walking into the library with a determined look on his face but also a confused one as if he had never been in here before. 

I turned back around in my seat and hid my face between the pages of 'House Rules' and pretended that he wasn't there. I wasn't sure why but he stalked straight over to our table and slid into the seat beside me. I could feel his eyes burning through the book so I decided to put it down slowly. I looked over to him through my powdery blue eyelids and took the pink envelope that he was holding out to me, ignoring the blush on my face and opening the envelope slowly. I frowned at the contents before looking back over to Harry to see him holding out a scrap of paper that he must have gotten from Eleanor.

'Go with me?' I stared down at the simple message before my eyes flickered back up to him to see him biting his lip with his eyebrows raised. If he hadn't looked so much like his brother I would have giggled like a little lovestruck middle school girl.

Harry Styles, the unique guy with his own band. I had never actually gtten to know him before I began to really like him. I ended up shying away from all atempts and realizing that I would never actually be able to face him. The guy was gorgeous to say the least and I was just a random girl that he saw in school that slid around the corner everytime he was in the hallway. I would hide my face when he was asked to come into our classroom and keep my head down when he was in a class with me.

I had a crush on his brother and who could blame me?

"Please?" He mouthed with a faint smile on his face and all I could do was give him a small smile and nod my head.

I never learn my lesson...

The End

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