Beauty Is AchievableMature

This is one of my random thoughts turned into a poem! There's terrible punctuation and stuff because it's meant to be an endless stream of thought.

im living in the sunlight
cuz my body makes no shade
and i always have to celebrate
every time another record breaks
except this doesnt feel right
letting myself quit
so im back on my scale again
measuring all this shit again
making sure my zeros dont fit
they have to be loose to be skinny
and they cant be at all tight
because tight equals cellulite
and we know where that leads
another hundred planks while laying on the floor
and when im done with that ill do even more
to rid my body of the calories i ate
and cleansing my fragile mind of all the hate
i get because i want to be beautiful
and love is plentiful
and beauty is achievable
just not by me.

The End

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