Beauty in Lost Hopes

    Water flows calmly through the Earths' outer vein here in this place, no signs of destruction and war show here. The year is unknown, lost in the endless cycle of warfare and bloodshed. No living person remembers their forefathers nor are their legacy's written for history, and the only solution to a problem is to destroy the source of the issue. This is our world... our dying world.

    With these thoughts in my mind I gently kneel down onto my right knee and examine a tulip, the blinding yellow it radiates is something unusual to me, but I am entranced by its' beauty. This beautiful flower is something my eyes have not seen in quite some time, life is rare on our planet, it is a miracle that this tulip has survived. This patch of life is blessed by the Gods, given life by the river that flows downwind from the nearby mountains. The liquid in this river is pure, no blood, no poison, but pure spring water. Tulips, roses, dandelions, and many other plant lives thrive here under the protective arms of there brothers...the trees. Rays of sunlight pierce the canopy and give the plants the life energy they need, and my weary eyes shed tears at the beauty of this sight.

    My war torn mind is at ease here in this place, and I long to share this wonderful place with my fellow people. Yet I know better, I know that my people will only move in here and suck the river dry, and the trees will fall to the ground to supply the timber us humans need for various things. This gift of life is not something to share among just anyone, this place is to be treasured and protected. What started the war in the first place was the belief that technology would lead us to a Golden Age, and our habitats in the world could be preserved, but instead...the leaders of the world turned on each other and fire rained down from the heavens.  Now our Mother Earth burns and crumbles beneath our feet, and my people die as others do as well.

    So my final wish as an ex-soldier in the army is to die here among this beauty and wonder, to protect Mother Nature as she protects me. I send this letter to those who seek shelter and peace, and I trust that if you truly desire it...Nature will show herself to you.

                                                                                          Signed, XXXXXXXX

The End

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