beauty and the feastMature

this started based on a Mini Saga Challenge that @WithClawsToWrite gave to me :)

Stretching out before her, reaching for the burning horizon, was the massacre; laid out on gleaming platters of silver, sloshing over the rims of chalices, staining the wood.  She could hear the wails of the not-yet-dead in the hushed stillness.

He should have left her to burn, he raged inwardly, loathsome of the splendor of her existence; yet he found himself marveling at the subtle set of her lips in a disapproving line.  His men were beginning to jeer, to pound their cutlery into the table.  He was running out of time.

He had to present her or kill her.  He watched her eyes take in the glory of their feast: limbs and ribs, goblets of clotted blood; innards and still-warm hearts.  It was the glimmer in her swampy hazel eyes that made his decision.

“The seductress will make the ceremonial toast.”

Her gaze shifted to him and he remained where he sat, a few feet to her East, surrounded by the plush cushions of his make-shift throne.  The set to her full lips was no longer subtle.  Time stalled; hovering in the same instant for an eternity; they stared at each other across the small gap, scrutinizing the souls behind the glassy pools, until she blinked and time began again.

She turned to the horde of butchers, of savage, cruel beasts in the flesh of men, and turned her lips upward.  It took a concentrated effort to soften her expression into one of welcome, but she managed it without letting her power snake through her veins until she had to speak.

The enchantment she repeated in her mind was natural to her; her mother had taken great care to be certain she mastered it at a very young age, knowing Seres to have a less-than-silver tongue.  She spoke freely, then, certain that the words she spoke were not the words the men would hear.

“I think you’re all scoundrels, and your King is the worst among you; I have never before laid eyes on such monstrous men in my life, and if my gods have not abandoned me, they will bring me a swift death this night.  May the blood on your hands be the poison that kills you.”

The End

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