The King In His Underthings

When I arrived at the palace Father looked almost fitful, but he told me that he would not tell me till morning for it was a full moon that night and I must go to my bedchamber straight away. My favorite handmaid, Bridget, followed me to my chambers and I stopped my foot on the creaky wooden floor once the door had been locked.

“Bridget dear, why must everyone behave so strangely?” I complained and she just smiled timidly.

“If you don’t mind me pointing out ma Lady, you have the strangest behavior out of everyone; what with all of those mysterious journeys into the woods. There have been many unsettling and gruesome tellings about the beasts that live there. One in particular is the Creature. It is said that this monster has never been defeated so no man or Prince has ever seen it and come back to tell the tale but for an old crone about 20 years before now. It is also said, my Lady, that the Creature is to be coming back to your father's woods very, very soon.” she said in a thin, eerie voice that sent shivers up my spine.

“That is foolish nonsense Bridget! You must stop listening to puerile rumors such as these. Nothing gruesome or frightening lives in my father’s kingdom and I should think you ought to know that!” I scolded and she hunched her shoulders slightly.

“I don’t know that I should say, ma Lady, but me thinks yer Father knows about the rumors and even believes them. I know it's not my business to meddle, but I must say that yer life shall be quite a different one in the mornin' I do believe.”she chuckled.

Suddenly I remembered Kiernan's instructions.

“Bridget, could I ask you a rather large favor?” I asked and she nodded eagerly.

“I need you to sneak down to Fathers bedchambers and snitch the silver dagger that he keeps behind the large green tapestry? I am sure it is there because I have seen while wandering the palace,” I said and she looked at me with discomfort.

“But ma Lady,” she whimpered, “what if my ignoble eyes catch a glimpse of the King in his underthings?”

I laughed at her discomfort and then shook my head.

“Well then, if you won,t go now you shall have to stay awake until my Father falls asleep. Just make sure that the dagger is on my nightstand by midnight and that you wake me by then." 

The End

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