Meet Me In The Dark

...4 years later...

It was two years later and Kiernan was still my closest friend when I discovered the secret that would change our lives. We were sitting on a stone, fully covered in soft, green moss not talking, but communicating through the lovely silence. It was a gift that we kept between us that neither of us even needed to speak to know what the other was thinking or feeling. Today I could sense by his tight shoulders and unfocused eyes that something was different.  

“Wolf, whats got you so glum this fine  day?” I said teasingly using the name he had told me when we first met and he took in a sharp breath.

“ What do you mean by that Eva?” he said in the elegant, rich voice he always used.

Not even my parents could tell me where he was from or why he had such a rich accent and I often kidded that he must have been raised by wolves.

“Eva. I am serious. What did you mean by that?” he said and I glanced at him curiously.

“I meant nothing by it. Twas a simply a jest. Why must you speak so crossly to me? You just seem a bit off balance.” I said  and he sighed.

“I am truly sorry for upsetting you my friend, but there is something I need to tell you.' he said grimly.

“Whatever it is I shall always love you as my dearest friend and brother Kiernan, so out with it! What makes thy lovely face sag with grim regard?”I inquired and he took my hand in his.

“For once I am not sure of your promise.” he said leading me to a clearing in the woods.

“Tonight.” he whispered. “I want you to come here to this clearing to meet with me. For now I must go. Oh I nearly forgot! Bring a silver dagger and if you cannot find one bring a silver carving knife. If you cannot find anything sharp and silver the get in bed, lock your doors and do not come out to find me until the sun rises! Do you understand?” he said, and I nodded stunned by his severeness and peculiar instructions.

The End

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