Unladylike Temptations

When Princess
Eva discover secrets about her best friend Kiernan, her life is sure to change for the stranger.

When I was a little girl I used to frolic in the forest. The forests of Tipperary were filled with spongy, moist yellow mosses and elegant pine trees dripping with rainwater. Little red mushrooms and wildflowers sprang through the fresh earth and the very scent brought a deep feeling of serenity. If I listened closely I could hear the brook bubbling over the smooth stones that lay about it's bed. Little golden fish swam with the current and miniature frogs sang gleefully on warm afternoons.
It was the kind of place that made you want to write a song so that you could keep the feeling forever and ever and never forget it.

 It was here that I met Kiernan. On a warm spring day I saw him hiding behind a pine tree. He had round moonlit eyes and pale skin, but for the rosy glow that crept up his cheeks and spread warmth into his cheerful grin. Something about his long eyelashes, spiky, black hair, and charming dimples made him look quite playful and adventurous. I stepped closer to him and he shrunk behind the tree quivering slightly with a nervous giggle.

"What is your name?" I asked and he furrowed his brow as if he did not understand.

"What do you call yourself?" I said quietly.

"I am Wolf." he declared proudly and I laughed heartily.

"That can't be true." I said and stopped abruptly when I saw that he was not jesting.

"Well then what am I called?" he inquired.  

“Well your hair is quite ashen, so I shall just call you Kiernan, because that is a more beautiful word for black.” I said shyly and he smiled.

Suddenly he looked at me and grabbed my hand pulling me toward the pathway leading to market. I was only 10 and had no idea what I was doing but this boy seemed like quite a bit of fun and maybe a little bit of trouble so I did not protest as he pulled me through the bustling streets.  I could smell mouth watering roast beef and the strong scent of smoked pork with spiced breads and buttery potatoes as we ran through the merchant's carts and tents. My nose brought unladylike temptations to my thoughts as we passed a cart where a woman was selling warm sugary cinnamon buns. Before I could protest Kiernan craftily snatched one of the sticky buns and then darted away with me at his arm. We passed tents full of glittering jewels and velvet cloaks, and we even knocked into a very pompous gentleman with a tall top hat who glared down his long,crooked nose and scolded us, but we didn't mind. We were having too splendid a time, you see, to worry about such things as shrewish gentlemen. We ducked behind a tent and Kiernan broke the sweet smelling bun into two halves and handed one to me. I bit into the soft roll and sighed with content. It was the most heavenly morsel I had ever eaten. Flakes of dough and bits of sugar melted on my tongue and I felt awfully sorry when I swallowed the very last bite.  He grinned as I licked my lips to make sure I did not miss one grain of sugar. It was then that I decided Kiernan would be a delightful boy to have as a friend. And every day after then was an exciting one for I had Kiernan, my wild spark of fire.

The End

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