Beauty and Power in the eyes of allMature

              She opened the door and walked through the entrance of the tavern.  As she closed the door behind her and walked slowly towards an empty table all eyes were on her.  The way she walked with the elegance of a queen and the grace of a killer made the room pause with her presence.  The air around her pulsed with a sense of power and respect.  She walked forward as all eyes followed her to her chosen seat.
              His blue eyes followed her every move just as all the others present did the same.  He watched her, hoping she would look his way so he my gaze into her eyes but she kept her eyes forward towards the empty table.
              As she sat down she could feel the eyes of everyone on her but payed no attention.  After sitting down she looked the room, making sure not to make eye contact with anyone.  The tavern was simple enough, a fireplace in the far corner, tables scattered all around the room in no paricular order and the bar across from the fire.  The inkeeper spoke up.  "everyone back to your business!"  She gave of small nod of thanks to the inkeeper.  Most of the staring eyes had gone back to what they were doing, some still glancing at her and others decided to take no heed of the inkeeper and continued to stare.  The people started to talk again and whispers ran along the tavern like the winter breeze.
             He sat there, unable to concentrate on what he had been doing before.  What the hell had he been doing?  His blue eyes constantly glanced back at the woman.  Her beauty was unlike anything he had seen before.  Her long flowing auburn hair, her slender body, even just the way she walked was so hypnotizing.  And her eyes, he wished quietly to himself that she may glance his way so he could see what they may look like, he wondered what he would see in those eyes, the color, the power, the ferocity and the depth of those eyes that never seemed to look at any person.

             She sat there, feeling the man's glances every so often.  But he was not the only one, everyone in the room stole glances at her.  Some were casual glances trying to make it less obvious and then there was the ones who didnt try to make it unknown at all.  But still she never looked anyone in the eyes, ignoring the looks from the coner of their eyes.  "what can i get for you?" the inkeeper asked as he walked up to her.  "stew, bread and some ale would be great thank you." she responded.  "coming right up" and he walked away.

             She ate in silence after her food was brought to her and after she payed the inkeeper for the food and also a room for the night.  She walked to her room in silence as the people bold enough to stare watched her go.  Once in the room she heaved a big sigh.  In the silence of the room, with no eyes watching her every move she felt some comfort.  After walking around the room to check everything out she walked over to the bed.  She took off her cloak, her boots, her belts which held her swords,  she set her swords gently down on the bed as a new born babe.  She set her things on the table next to the bed and placed her swords under the pillow next to hers.  Sleep took hold of her slowly as she feel into another of hellish dreams. 

             The sound of the creaking floor was so faint she thought she still might have been dreaming.  She lay still, listening for the noise again in the silence of the dark.  she sensed them there, three of them crouching in the darkness.  She slowly reached for her swords, being careful to make no sound at all.  It happened fast but she was ready for it.  The three men jumped for her at once, she rolled to the other side of the bed freeing her swords from the sheath as she did so.  The three men fumbled around the bed as she jumped to the floor.  The men jumped to the floor as well and faced her in the dark room.  "put down the swords and this will be much easier." one of the men said. She just laughed.  "This aint a joke sweet thing, give it up. we just want to have a little fun."   She answered with the cold hard steel of her sword severing his head from his shoulders.  The two other man stood in silent shock as their companions head feel to the floor, dark warm blood sparyed across the room and onto the faces of the men and herself.  " you bitch!" one man said as he ran towards her.  she side stepped the big man, he turned again and sprang for her.  She swung for his gut and his last meal feel to the floor.  The man stood there wide eyed as he cluched his bursting stomach and dropped to his knees.  She turned to the last man who stood there staring at her with his mouth wide open.  "who the fuck are you?  what the fuck are you?" the last man asked her.  She walked closer to him until she could feel his hot breath on her face, the man was trembling.  "your savior" she whispered as she thrusted her sword threw his belly and out his back, twisting the sword once the man fell to the floor.

The End

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