Chapter 16

Isy's P.O.V:

I walked with my eyes glued to my feet. Alex. Car crash. Coma. I shook my head trying to get the thought to fade. On the bright side, Ashley got injured. No, it's still not as bright.

I know I should be screaming and sobbing, but I'm not. I don't know why I'm not, but maybe I've moved on. Maybe I don't care as much as I would before.

When we got to Sam's house Romy knocked on the door. Moments later, it opened and out came a shadowy figure. As it came out to the light, it covered it's eyes from the sun with its hands.

The figure went into focus and I knew it was Sam. He was a mess. He was obviously taking the news worse than I was.

We talked to Sam for a bit inside until we all agreed to visit Alex. I was a bit scared to do so, not knowing how much pain it would put me through. I agreed anyway, knowing it would have to happen anyway.

We got ready and I looked towards Sam, wondering if he'd fix himself up. He just brushed his hand through his hair and walked to open the door. Romy and I glanced at one another and I just shrugged.

We walked out the door and began the journey to the hospital.

The End

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