Chapter 15


"Did you hear!?" I hear Isy yelling at me, while she's running through the door to my house.

"No? Is school cancelled or something?" I ask, hopeful. "No!" She laughs. "Something happened...With Huan and that." She says in a low voice. "What happened?" I ask, totally confused. "Okay, sooooo...." She launches into detail. "Huan, Ashley, Alex, Shayne, and Lily were in the car, going somewhere, and a car hits them! Alright, so like, Huan was driving, and um like he's in a serious condition...Brain injury or something like that. Lily and Shayne were fine, a broken arm or two though, but Alex was in the front, and smashed his head. He went into a coma. I'm sorry. I cried already at home," She was nearly sobbing.

"That's....Horrible..." I say shakily. I'm speechless. It was so unexpected. "Does anyone else know?" I ask quietly. "Um, you, me, obviously all their families, Sam, and Fletcher. Please don't tell anyone." She said. "Oh, no, of course. It must be hard on Sam. We should go visit him. I bet he needs closure." I say. "Yeah, that's probably a good idea." Isy agrees.

The End

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