Chapter 13

Alex's P.O.V

I was scared to ask why she left, she seemed really upset. I screwed up really badly, diden't i? Like "way to treat the girl you like. Asshat". After what seemed like an eternity of regret and guilt, my phone vibrated. My body dropped like a tonne of bricks, as i picked up the phone with shaky hands.

"Oh, well it's because we don't always get along. Sometimes we fight, and she always makes my friends turn against me/steal them from me. I just didn't want her to take you awa- to steal you as a friend."

From 1000 kilos back to just 50, i felt extremly relived. But there was something a little off about the message, it cuts short a scentence. That cant be a mistake. Is she trying to tell me something? Im too scared to keep thinking on that. So i quickly message her back and go on about my buissness

"Alright, just had to make sure. You seemed a little upset. Anyway, i have to get going now, im going to the music store to pick up a few things. I'll see ya at school tomorrow, take care!"

The End

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