Chapter 12

Isy's P.O.V:

I looked down at my phone and opened the lock screen.

1 New Message:
Alex: Hey, Isy. I was a bit curious about why you left after I told you I like Ashley...

I looked up at Romy and showed her my phone. She frowned a bit and I decided to get her opinion.

"Should I tell him?"

"If you want to, but wouldn't that require you telling him that you like him?"

I bit my lip and looked down at my phone again. I somehow managed to have my shaky fingers type:

Oh, well it's because we don't always get along. Sometimes we fight, and she always makes my friends turn against me/steal them from me. I just didn't want her to take you awa- to steal you as a friend.

That last part I put on purpose, hinting something without it being 100% certain. I sighed and waited for a reply.

The End

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