Chapter 11

Romys P.O.V:

I quickly looked at the time on my phone before setting my alarm for school tomorrow morning. 10:34PM it read. It was a long day of school today, and I was glad to be home, by myself. It was long after my friends had gone home, and although it had been boring without them, the time alone was relaxing and non-stressful. I quickly got ready for bed and put my headphones, listening to some quiet music.


"Uggggghhh," I groaned and I rolled over to stop my alarm. I was too tired to leave my bed, so I slept in for another 15 minutes. After I had gotten ready, I met Isy outside my door like always, and hopped on the bus with her. We got off the bus, and started walking through the school gates before being stopped by some random teacher.

"This is Justin, he's going to be in your class this year, he's new, and I want you to show him around," I looked towards the teacher. "Fine," me and Isy replied at the same time. We walked around for 10 minutes, showing Justin where the field, turf, and all his classes were. We were mid conversation, talking about some stupid show we all watch, when I spotted Gabe, Fletcher, and Trevor walking around the corner. "Guys, this is Justin, he's new." I explained to our friends.  Through-out the day, we had almost exactly the same classes, besides one, and we all seemed to get along pretty well.

Me and Isy we're walking to my house, when I hear a loud yelling of "ISABEL! ROMY!" and as we both turn around, we see Huan running down the street. "Oh God," I hear Isy mutter. "Hi..." I say awkwardly, breaking the silence. "Hi," he says breathlessly. We all stand there for  a while, talking about random stuff, when Huan's friend, Shayne, walks over. "Hi!" he says. "Hey," Me and Isy awkwardly staring at eachother. We make up some excuse to get away from those two, running into my house. "They're so weird," We both say.

"Oh, Alex texted me," Isy says, looking down at her phone.

The End

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