Chapter 9


I walk out of class, hurrying to go home and get out of school. I walk through hordes of children, stopping outside Isy's classroom to wait for her. I look the other way, and I see Alex and someone else hugging. Who could that be?

I squint my eyes, and as the hug breaks I see it's that horrible girl Ashley. I see them exchange a few words, and they walk away, together. A few seconds later, Isy comes walking out of her class. "Hey, guess what I saw," I say quickly, walking towards the school gates.

"And then they walked away, together! You sure about Alex being single?" I finished explaining, and by then we were already on the bus ride home.

"I was sure of it..." Isy said with a sad look. "Hey, it's okay, she's a total slut. She'll most likely be over with him in less than a week." I say, trying to cheer her up. "Wanna come over? I'm sure I could ask Alex, too." I say thoughtfully.

"Really!?" Isy looks up to me with a smile.

When its our stop to get off, I run over to Alex and Sam's seats to ask if they want to come over. "Sure, we're free," they say, looking over at eachother.

We all hop off the bus, and walk to my house. I open the door, and we all go inside. Me and Sam go into the kitchen to get food, leaving Alex and Isy to talk.

The End

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