Chapter 8

Alex's P.O.V:

Well, the last two hour of school are approching. What is it i have again? i take a quick glance at my schedule and see that it's music, Yes! I love music class, it always puts me at ease after a long day of school, also the teacher is one of the best in the school. Mr. Koundakjian. Although he isen't really a teacher. He plays music with the few people who have chosen music as elective. They diden't want to put a real teacher on since there werent that many students to teach anyway

After walking from P.E. over to the music room i remember we have a bit of a break before the teacher comes, so i take a guitar off the wall and start playing a bit untill the rest of the students having music file in. Wait, is that Sam? It is! I thought he had sports as elective, i walk over to him and greet him.

"Hey Sam" "Hey" "Why are you here? I thought you had sports as elective" "I wanted to try it out, since you always say how amazing this is" "Heh, guilty as charged. Anyway, do you know how to play?" "Well, not really to be honest, but it would be great to learn" "Alright, we just finished up a song last time" "Cool, when is the teacher gonna be here?"

Just as he finished saying that the teacher walked in. "Hello everyone!" "Hey, Esteban" i replied. We dont really call him by his surname since 1. He is more cofortable with first names. And 2. Its pretty hard to pronounce. How do you even? Khaund-archk-jiaehn? Anyway not gonna puzzle myself with that. Lets get to some music playing!

Esteban introduced us to a song: Whiskey in the jar. I heard of it, alot of bands have made their own version, i only ever listened to Metallica's version, and i gotta say; its pretty good. We start to take our instruments. We got David on the drums, Ole on the keyboard, Sofia on lead guitar, Marie on rythym guitar, Rodin on bass, Sam on the rythym drums  and me as the singer. Everyone gets taught by Esteban for a bit, while i learn the lyrics and such. After a while we start playing, and it sounds pretty good. After a good hour we are done for the day. I say my farewells to everyone and head out the door with Sam.

Just as we were about to head out the front door, i felt someone behind me, who is that? 



The End

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