Chapter 7

Isy's P.O.V:

I can't believe I'm walking to P.E without Romy. She has science and I have P.E!!! I hate anything physical besides clicking on my phone with my thumb.

I walked into the gym and saw that out was separated into four corners, one for each teacher. The teacher's names were on sheets of paper that were taped on the walls. I quickly glanced at the paper that I had held in my hand.

P.E with Mr. Jenkins

Hah like Old Man Jenkins from Spongebob. I walked over to the corner of the room that had his name on the wall. As soon as I was ten steps away, I saw him. My cheeks flushed and I sat down as far away from him as I could get. Having him watch me as I make a fool out of myself trying to do anything physical would be embarrassing enough.

When the teacher came he did the usual introduction and passed back locks. Locks? Oh god, locks. I had completely forgotten that you have to change in the locker room. No, no, no, no.

"Today, we will not be dressing. We will dress next week to give you guys more time to buy the P.E uniform. Until then, please memorize your combination and keep your lock until we do dress. Now for the rest of the period we will practice some stretches," yelled Mr. Jenkins.

His voice literally boomed around the gym. Stretches? No. Just, no. I look like an idiot when I stretch! Even worse, Alex will see it. We got up and did the famous "touch your toes". Then, we had to balance on one foot.

I am probably the worse at balancing. I lifted my right leg up and held it with my left hand. I tried to concentrate on something, but that failed. I tripped to the side and fell.

I heard a few muffled giggles. I sighed and got back up as the teachers motioned us to get our stuff. And just like that, the bell rang.

The End

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