Chapter 6


"Isy, let's go, the bell rang," I said as she snapped her head towards me.

"Come on, it's science, it won't be that bad." I say as I turn and look at all the students disappearing into their classes. "Actually, I have P.E," Isy said, looking towards her timetable. I double checked mine incase I was mistaken.

period 5:

science with Mrs. Zimmer

room D108 

"Oh, alright..Have fun in P.E!" I yelled as she started walking towards the gym. "I won't!" She called back. I found my classroom quickly and looked around for someone I knew. Just before I could sit next to Connor, a friend of ours, I heard a loud, obnoxious voice beckoning me. "Oh em gee! Romy!" I turned and found Ashley patting the free desk beside her. I sighed and walked over. "Hi, Ashley." I quickly sat down and noticed something, or someone. There was a boy on the other side of the room. it couldn't be...But it was. It was Saeed, the gorgeous boy I had seen earlier, in one of our breaks. I couldn't stop staring. 

"Omg!! You totes like him" Ashley squealed. Her high pitched voice was going to make me deaf anytime soon. "No, I don't" I said. But it was quite obvious. I mean, who wouldn't like him. He's gorgeous! I heard the teacher droning on about space, and matter, and whatever else we were learning about that day, but I wasn't listening. Nor was I listening to Ashleys deafening voice. It was like she permanently had helium in her body. I was staring at him the whole lesson, until the stupid bell interrupted my thoughts and I was pushed into a flood of students.

The End

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