Chapter 5

Isy's P.O.V:

Romy, Fletcher, and I managed to walk past the mob of students and met up with Alex, Sam, and Gabe. As soon as I saw Alex, my cheeks burned and I stood completely still. Romy snapped her fingers in front of me and I flinched.

"Gosh, Isy. Someones in love" she joked.

"Ugh whatever Romy" I sneered.

We continued walking until we were reunited with our original group of five, or six including Fletcher. No matter how many times I tried to look away, I kept staring at Alex. Luckily, he hadn't noticed. Right as he turned, I looked away. My cheeks went even more red. Of course, Romy noticed and gave me a slight nudge with her shoulder. I rolled my eyes and folded my arms.

Okay so maybe I had a slight crush on Alex. So what? Its just a crush... and a few doodles in my notebook... Maybe a few letters that will forever remain unsent... Okay maybe its a bit more than a crush. Romy always jokes about it, knowing it would tick me off. Sometimes I wish he would notice it, that he would hug me and say "its okay, I'm here for you forever and always". I let out a sigh and Romy glanced over at me.

"Everything alright?" she asked.

"Yep. Everything's fine" I answered as I pressed my lips into a thin line.

"Well, okay. If you say so"

The group decided to sit at a lunch table and eat something. Everyone sat down as I just stared at the space next to Alex knowing I wanted to sit there, but I too embarrassed to do so. 

"Alex, do you mind if Isy sits next to you?" Romy grinned.

"No, not at all" he replied in that voice I had grown to lov- I mean like.

I awkwardly walked over to him and sat down. Everyone began having their own conversation and I tried to join in, but I had no idea what they were talking about. After a while, I gave up and silently chewed on my sandwich, glancing over at Alex a few times. Just imagine him and me together...

We would cuddle up together under a tree at the park and talk about nothing together as leaves slowly pass by us. Maybe it would be on new years, and we would kiss at exactly 12 and watch fireworks together...

Maybe I got a bit carried away with my imagination. Before I knew it, Romy was in front of me, telling me lunch was over.

The End

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