Chapter 3

Isy's P.O.V:

When we walked into our social studies class it was like a burst of colors flying through the room. Posters of cats and memes were hung everywhere.

"Did we step into the wrong room?" I whispered to Romy.

"I don't think so" she answered, pointing at the board.


What a stupid name I thought. Me and Romy found two seats next to each other just as we had in English. We sat around in silence as people filled in the seats. I looked around, trying to find someone I knew, but sadly, I couldn't. 

"Welcome class! I'm you're teacher Mr. McBroom! This year will be filled with lots of learning and stuff!"

"I wonder if he even got a teaching degree" I murmured to Romy. She laughed a bit too loud and covered her mouth, making me laugh as well.

"Today we will be working on our social skills. We'll put "social" in social studies! Hah, talk about L-O-L , am I right?"

This teacher was crazy, no doubt about it. Me and Romy exchanged weird looks and laughed.

The room filled with talking. I was going to say something to Romy, but someone knocked on the door an startled me.

"I'm sorry I'm late!" yelled a tall brunette boy.

Mr. McBroom just told him to sit where ever he please. I wasn't surprised when he walked over and sat right in front of me.

"Hi" he whispered to me as he turned around.

"Hi" I whispered back.


"Why are we whispering?"

"I don't know!"

He turned around again as I made a face at him. Romy just giggled and began doodling in her notebook. The period went on, feeling more boring by the second. I passed time by daydreaming about... A guy... That I like. I'll just tell you. I like-


Lunch time.

The End

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