Chapter 2

Romy's P.O.V

"That's him, the new teacher," I said to Isy, motioning to the guy in our classroom. He seemed young, maybe early twenties, with luscious golden hair. I wonder what shampoo he uses, I thought.

Me and Isy stepped inside the classroom,

"Hi girls" the new teacher said. "Hey" we both replied. We quickly found two free seats near the front before the bell rang two seconds later.

"Welcome everyone! As you may have heard, I will be your new teacher. My name is Mr. Sellar," He paused and wrote his name on the whiteboard behind him. His handwriting was impeccable. I guess it had to be for an English teacher. He turned to look directly at us. "I expect nothing but the best of all of you. I look forward to teaching you, and hope you all have a substantial year."
 He was weird. "At least he isn't that strict," I murmured to Isy. "Yet."

The teacher passed around a few worksheets to complete that lesson. I looked down and they were those stupid sheets you had to complete one of those paragraphs about yourself. Ugh. I wrote my usual;

"My name is Romy. My best friend EVER is Isy, we've known each other for like, ever.  I live on 37 Walrus way. It's a silly name. Isabel lives a few houses down from me. Also, Alex, our friend, lives down the road, too. He lives with Sam, another friend of ours. Unfortunately, Ashley, the really annoying girl in our class, lives across the road and one house down from me. GROSS. I hope I don't catch her ebola. My hobbies include eating and the computer, I have no life. I'm looking forward to this class, seeing as English is my favourite subject. Also, I have a delusional family. Isy included.

The end. 

I picked up my and Isy's sheet and handed them into the teacher. He looked up and smiled.
 I turned and quickly went back to my desk. "He's creepy." I said to Isabel. Luckily the bell rang and we hurried out the door to Social Studies.

The End

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