Beauty chapter 3Mature

Chapter 3

"Over here, Amethyst," Asher waved his arms in the air. I gripped my tray, which had a salad on it, and walked quickly to the table. I sat between Asher and the other boy. There were 2 girls and another boy at the table. 

Asher motioned to a girl with green hair, a white tank top, black sweatpants and combat boots, "This is Ray." Ray looked at me and waved a little before returning to eating her spaghetti. 

Asher motioned to the girl sitting beside Ray, her hair was brown with red in it, she wore a loose pink sweater, a black skirt and yellow tennis shoes. Beside her legs there was a violin case, "And this is Melody, Ray's girlfriend." She looked up at me, shyly. She looked back down at her food. 

I looked at the boy beside me. He had long black hair with white tips,he had pale skin, his jacket was the same jet black color of his hair, his jeans were a soft black and even his converse were black. "My name is Niran," He looked at me and stared at me, he blushed and looked back down at his food. "S-sorry for staring," He looked away. 

I giggled. "It's okay." He was really cute actually, I really wouldn't mind him staring at me. I blushed. Asher smirked at Ray and Melody.

The End

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