Beauty chapter 2Mature

Chapter 2

I walked quickly to my next class. The boys stared as I walked by. I finally reached math, I walked in and sat in the back corner. I always did this in my classes because of the boys and how they look at me. It makes me uncomfortable. 

I looked over to realize that I was sitting by a boy. I got up to move. "Wait," He said.

"Why? You're just going to stare at me and try to make a move on me like every other boy," I glared. "

"I won't do anything to you, I'm gay, girl," He said. 

My gaze softened, I laughed and sat back down. "That's good, I'm already tired of boys looking at me, ugh." 

He smiled. He had spiked up blue hair, a pink shirt, blue jeans and red Vans. His skin was a pale pinkish color. He held out his hand, "My name is Asher." I shook his hand. 

"My name is Amethyst, " I put a lock of my bright red hair behind my ear. 

"So, maybe you could sit by me and my friends? We saw you around and wanted to meet you," He asked. 

I thought about it, he seemed harmless unlike Kacee and he was very nice. "Alright, then, I'll eat with you guys."

The bell rang, but we kept talking. The teacher kept asking us to be quiet, but that only lasted for seconds before we started talking again.

This year was going to be really fun. 

The End

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